Wedding Trend 2013: Ombre Bridesmaids

One of my favorite trends that emerged last year and continuing in to this year is ombre bridesmaid dresses.

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If you still don’t know what ombre is, it is shades of the same color from lightest to darkest.  Bridesmaids are now choosing the same color bridesmaid dress but in different shades to best compliment their skin tone.  It is so difficult to find a color that looks good on every girl in your wedding so why not let them choose the shade that looks best on them?!

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You can even ask your bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses in a certain color just making sure they all choose different shades.  How great would it be to not have the stress of choosing a dress that makes everyone happy?

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We know this trend may not fit every wedding but can be a beautiful and unique option for a bride that wants something a little different for her bridesmaids!

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Although, we love this trend we would love to hear what you think about it.

Let us know!

Teal and Pink Wedding Colors

I have a confession…I have never been a huge fan of pink at weddings.  My distaste for pink probably comes from seeing so many overdone pink weddings. I have seen brides use pink everywhere… linens, pink dresses, pink lights, pink flowers (you get the picture) but I have to admit I am in love with pink paired with teal.  It is a fabulous color combination for a garden, beach or formal affair!

When choosing pink and teal for your wedding colors I would also suggest choosing a white or ivory to soften such a bold color combination.

If you are having a more formal affair, lighting in a soft pink or even teal will add glamour to the reception.

Look how changing the boldness of the pink completely changes the “feel” for the wedding?  So vintage and beautiful!

You can even throw in hints of purple and red in the flowers to give it a different look.

It even looks ah-mazing to use green accents (like the below vases) as a complimentary color to the teal and pink!

These gorgeous invitations are the perfect way to show off your color scheme before the wedding!

What do you think of pink and teal for wedding colors?  We would love to hear your comments!


Wedding Colors for Spring 2012

If you are trying to decide on a color palette for your spring wedding in 2012, make sure to check out the Pantone Fashion Color Report. Look at mixing and matching these colors to pick your favorite combination.
The new trend is to take a neon color and mix with a pastel color.  Pantone also suggests combining this with a more neutral color like Driftwood, or Starfish, to complete your perfect color combination.

Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2012

In 2011 many brides were incorporating one of my favorite colors in to their wedding….purple! I love the idea of picking a bold color like Cockatoo to compliment Sweet Lilac.  It gives a great contrast and new color combination for 2012!


Or if you want to be bold mix Cockatoo with Tangerine Tango…almost makes you feel like you are at the beach enjoying the sunset!

Another favorite is the Sodalite Blue and Solar Power….classic color combination with a twist!

  Just gorgeous!

For all the brides that love pink try Caberet and Granita to give a soft romantic feel to your wedding….I think it’s just the right amount of pink!

I hope these color combinations have helped in your search for the perfect wedding colors for you!  We would love to hear what new color combinations you have chosen!

Happy Planning!

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