Wedding Dress Trends: Beaded Gowns

A huge trend emerging in bridal fashion for 2014 is beaded wedding gowns!  These wedding dresses are a departure from the traditional styles we are used to seeing.  They remind me of a dress you would see on the red carpet at the Oscars.  They have a high fashion look and a modern silhouette with lots of sparkle.

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Many of these dresses have a vintage Old Hollywood feel.

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These dresses have simple shapes but make a huge impact with all the embellishments.

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What are your thoughts on beaded wedding gowns?

2012 Trend: Bridesmaids in Skirts

One of the newest fashion trends for 2012 is bridesmaids wearing skirts and tops instead of dresses.  When I first saw this trend I wasn’t sold on the idea but after some time I have warmed up to it.

I would think that finding the right skirt/ top combo would be much harder to find than a dress however there are some advantages.  If you shop in a retail store you may be able to find a skirt/top combo for less expensive than a traditional bridesmaid dress.   In addition, your girls have gained a shirt and a top that they could definitely add to their wardrobe to wear again with less formal pieces.

There are many different styles of skirts that could change the “look” of the skirt from less formal to formal wear.  For example, take a look at this pencil skirt bridesmaid outfit paired with a button down shirt versus a patterned skirt and relaxed shirt.

If you decide on a skirt/top combo you can decide to have your girls wear the same skirt and top or have every girl choose a different skirt in the same color scheme.

If you think a skirt can’t be formal enough choose a pleated skirt and lace top like below…very elegant and perfect for a more formal affair!

It is obvious this trend is not for every bride but we want to know what you think about it?

Leave us your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Theme: Over the Rainbow!

With St. Patty’s day approaching I couldn’t think of a better wedding theme to feature than an “Over the Rainbow” theme.  If you can’t decide on your wedding colors why not use all the colors of the rainbow?  At first, you may be a little scared that a rainbow themed wedding would be cheesy.  I guess that depends on your taste and how far you want to take the theme.  I think small hints of rainbow can be beautiful and very romantic.

If you are having an “Over the Rainbow” theme the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire and flowers are a great way to show off all the colors of the rainbow.

Have each bridesmaid choose a different color of the rainbow and choose coordinating bouquets.  I think it makes for original and standout pictures.

You can have the groomsmen match each girl with a different colored tie or just have the color they wear come out in their boutonnieres.

Since this theme has so many colors, I would suggest keeping the linens for the reception very simple.  That way the flowers can pop on the tables and speak for themselves.

The cake can be very traditional with a variety of rainbow colors once the cake is cut.  This makes for a great presentation for the guests.

A dessert or candy buffet is also a subtle yet great way to use your color scheme.

Obviously, I know this theme is not for every bride!! This theme has to fit your personality in order to work.  I just want to make sure you open your eyes to all of the wonderful themes and possibilities that can come out of one idea… the simple idea of a rainbow!

Happy Planning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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