Wedding Trend: Feather Bouquets!

For the bride who is looking for something unique and different to add to her wedding decor, adding feathers to her bouquets and floral arrangements may be the answer.  Brides everywhere are using feathers to add texture and dimension creating stunning bridal bouquets.  There are many different types of feather that can be used depending on the overall look and feel of the wedding.

Ostrich feathers are becoming very popular in bouquets and come in a variety of colors.  White is most commonly used and is the perfect touch to an Old Hollywood themed wedding.

Peacock feathers are beautiful with their rich color and are perfect by themselves or paired with flowers.

This bride decided to bleach the peacock feathers for her bouquet!

Another feather that is new to the bridal world is pheasant feathers….what do you think?

Some brides are even choosing to create bouquets by only using feathers and very little to no flowers at all!

My advice when using feathers is to use them sparingly.  If you have feathers in your hair, on your dress, in your bouquet, etc.  you may end up looking like a bird not a bride.  Used correctly and with a keen eye, feathers are a great addition to your wedding attire and floral decor.

Happy Planning!

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