Unique Wedding Place Card Ideas

After the ceremony, the first thing your guests will see before entering your reception is your place card table.  This is the first glimpse in to the theme or overall feeling of your reception.  You want this to be a reflection in to the type of event they are about to enter.

Themed weddings are obviously easier to think of place card ideas than non-themed weddings.  For example, if you are having a beach themed wedding a great idea is to display place cards by giving guests a message in a bottle with their table number inside.

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Or for a Fall wedding a simple idea is to use leaves to display the names and table numbers of your guests.

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A non-themed wedding can be a little harder to come up with an idea for your place cards. To create a unique place card table think about your  hobbies, interests, favorite things and start brainstorming ideas that would match your wedding.

For a wedding couple that enjoys collecting bottle caps or has a favorite drink to share with their guests try incorporating that in to the place cards.

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Do you and your fiance eat ketchup with everything?  How cute are these personalized Heinz ketchup bottle labels? Just tie a place card to each bottle for a cute and super fun place card!

Photo provided by Heather Bakes

There are a bunch of ideas that are fun and interactive for your guests.  Take a look at these paper mustaches.  Great to double as a prop for a wedding photo booth!

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I love place cards that can double as decor.  Bud vases with flowers can be used as place cards and placed on the tables as decor.  When the wedding is over the guests can take the vase and the flowers home!

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Which idea is your favorite?

Do you have a unique place card idea to share?  Leave us your comments!

Happy Planning!

DIY Place Card Holder or Gift Sign; Frame and Ribbon

I am not a very crafty person.  I like to think that I am and trust me I WISH I was, but sadly I have to face the fact that I am indeed un-crafty.   I need simple and easy “do it yourself” crafts that are fool proof so even an un-crafty person, like myself, can create a cool DIY craft without messing it up. I am thankful for Valley and Co. Weddings and Pocketful of Dreams who have two similar DIY projects with step by step instructions to make an awesome place card holder or gift table sign that are not only easy but are great additions to any wedding!

To make this yourself you will need:

Push pins (or a glue gun)
Measuring Tape
Empty Frame

Most of these tools you have in your house already…that’s why I love these projects!

First measure and cut your ribbon to the length of the frame.  Also measure how far apart you want each of these and mark it on the back of the frame. Depending on whether you want this to be used as a place card holder or a gift sign will determine how far apart to place the ribbon.

Then glue or pin each piece of ribbon to the back.  Each site suggests using different colors and even textures of ribbon.  Do this all the way across the frame .

For a place card holder just slide the tent cards over the ribbon and you’re done.  Easy right?

For the gift card table you can hang a cute banner and it makes a perfect backdrop for any table at your wedding!

Happy Planning!

For more detailed instructions go to Valley and Co Weddings for the place card holder and Pocketful of Dreams for the gift table sign.

Creative Escort Card Ideas!

After your ceremony is over the first thing your guests will see before entering your reception is your escort card table.  This is the first glimpse in to the theme or overall feeling of your reception.  You want to make sure this table makes a statement about your event.  Many brides do not put a lot of effort in to the design of their escort table and, although I agree you shouldn’t spend too much time on it, I think it is a very important part of your event.

You want to make your escort cards visually appealing while also making sure they are functional. Try not to think of a concept that will confuse your guests or delay them entering in to the reception.  No matter how beautiful your escort table looks it will still upset your guests if it is a confusing process to find their name.

First think of your theme or feeling of your event and start brainstorming ideas that would match your wedding. For a beach themed wedding you could use sand dollars placed in sand with shells!  Or look how cute this paper looks when it is bent to look like a beach chair?  Just add an umbrella and you are instantly taken to the beach!

This idea is so cute for an outside garden wedding!

If you have a signature drink or a favorite soda you can tie a string with the names and table # around the bottle or glass.

With a vintage themed wedding you can use an old door to hang your escort cards…love this!

Or you can use luggage tags decorated Washi Tape (my new favorite decorating tool)!

This idea may not be for everyone but for a vintage wedding you can use ties and bow ties as a way to display your escort cards!

To make a statement you don’t always need to have a unique idea.  Sometimes it is all about how they are displayed to make an impact.

I love the idea of using mirrors or frames on the table as a way to display your escort cards.

Two of my favorite DIY ideas for escort cards are below.  How amazing does it look to use paint chips in varying shades of your wedding colors!

And another favorite is the paper airplanes.  It would have to be for the right wedding but how original is this idea?

I hope these ideas have helped you come up with your own unique idea!! If you have a fun way you are going to display your escort cards we would love for you to share!

Happy Planning!

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