How to Combat A Rainy Wedding Day

It has been said that rainy wedding days bring good luck and fortune but many brides would trade that luck for a sunny wedding day.  After all of this rainy weather in our area it made me think about how many brides don’t prepare for the chance of rain on their wedding day.   My biggest advice for any bride, especially those with an outside wedding, is to have a backup plan.  There are a few easy ways to combat rain and prepare you in the event of rain.

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An ideal situation is that your venue provides an alternative location in the event of rain however many venues do not offer an alternative space.  For an outside ceremony or reception look at renting a tent.  If rain is in the forecast, look at renting a tent the week of the wedding to avoid any anxiety.

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Remember that your day is what you make it! Try not to get upset in the event of rain and embrace what comes your way.  It may not be your ideal situation but the more you prepare and have fun with it, the better.  Look at getting cute, fashionable umbrellas for you and your bridesmaids.

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Also, look at you and your bridal party wearing galoshes.  Think about how many cute pictures you can get!!

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Speaking of pictures, a rainy day is the best lighting for outdoor photography.  Don’t think just because it rains you can’t go outside. Find a covered area and take some pictures with the landscape in the background.

Or go out in the rain with your umbrella and take some romantic pictures with your new hubby!

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Rain or shine at the end of the day you are marrying the man of your dreams so don’t let the small things get to you!  You may feel disappointed if it rains on your big day but the more you prepare the better you will feel.  You could end up getting some of the most amazing photographs, not to mention a lot of goof luck and fortune!