Farm To Table Wedding At It’s Finest!

Organic, local, farm to table, call it what you will but it is all the craze!  I like to think of it as a movement that needed to happen.  If a bride came to me and wanted to execute a full on farm to table wedding, I would be beyond excited!  Our surroundings can quite possibly be our best inspiration for a wedding.  After all, what is better than the natural elements around you coming together to make up your special day?

If you are thinking of doing a farm to table inspired wedding, here are some great ideas that will help you do it from start to finish!

Enjoy and happy planning!


Finding elements from your resources be it the farm you get married on or maybe one that you have access to is the perfect way to create that perfect centerpiece or cute artisan cheese baskets to go on each table.


Using recycled paper and stationary products for your invitations will set the tone for your organic day!

Photo Provided by Jessamyn Harris


Try these individually packaged vegetables and herbs for your guests to plant.  It is a sure way for them to always remember your wedding day!  A beautiful grass fed organically raised filet topped with a fig and wine reduction and paired with an asparagus bundle will wow your guests!


Artichokes always make a beautiful centerpiece and conversation starter!


Going with a family style set up versus the traditional round tables will make your guests feel like they are eating with you at your house!


Yum!  Try using food that is in season like this beautiful beet and heirloom tomato salad topped with pecans and a locally sourced goat cheese!



Moonshine favors…yes PLEASE!!!!!


LOVE these adorable little welcome baskets to have ready for your guests when they arrive for your wedding!


Plated meal vs. buffet, formal vs. informal, full bar vs. soda bar?  These are all decisions that you will be faced with when preparing for your wedding.  So many rules and the pressure to follow wedding etiquette can be overwhelming I know.  Just keep in mind and rest easy knowing that it is 2014 and traditions and etiquette can be broken without judgement!  Yay for you!  When it comes to reception decor and adding a touch of class, your choices can be limited.  I however, think that breaking one rule is well worth it!  Chargers!  Adding chargers to your reception tables can make a huge statement.  You see, in the South, it is more common to see a buffet style dinner rather than a sit down plated meal.  Chargers are simply a larger, decorative plate that sits under the salad plate but is actually not used to eat on.  Usually the charger remains on the table until after the salad plate is cleared.  Once the dinner plate is served, the charger is then removed  from the table.  Sounds like a lot of trouble right?  Well, check out these beautiful chargers and you will see that they may be well worth it.

We partner with BBJ Linens, a nation wide linen company that has recently added a stunning collection of chargers to their inventory!

Photo Provided by Colin Miller
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Photo Provided by Jessica Lewis

Happy Planning!

Oh Succulents!!!

Succulents can be a fantastic addition to your wedding!  Although not a flower, succulents are plants that are a quite stunning and interesting way to enhance your wedding flowers.  Growing in popularity, succulents are a perfect match for wedding because of their unique characteristics.  Succulents are plants that can retain a high amount of water and hold that water for long periods of time (which I guess is the reason mine are still alive even though I have not watered them in a while)!  They can also survive in mostly all climates.  These are particularly great attributes to have for a wedding because they can with stand hot and cold climates without worrying about wilting or drying out which you do have to worry about with say a hydrangea or tulip.  

Perhaps the best part of using succulents in your wedding is that you can keep them and put in your house and with the proper watering and care, they can last until your 20th wedding anniversary…SERIOUSLY!!  My in-laws have had a jade plant for 15 years and it has tripled in size since it started!!  Unlike preserving a bouquet of flowers, it would keep growing like the love you and your new husband have for each other!  What a fantastic way to have a memory of your wedding day with you each day when you are home.

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Stunning and perfect for an upcoming Spring wedding!

Photo Provided by Bumby Photography

   This would be a perfect winter bouquet!

Photo Provided by succulents and sunshine

Cute Boutonniere!

Photo Provided by Taryn Rahl

What an AWESOME favor idea since your guests can actually keep these and use them in their house or office!

Photo Provided by Bound By Photography

Beautiful way to incorporate succulents into the reception centerpieces!


 Beautiful and Vibrant!

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Photo Provided by Max Wanger
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Photo Provided by Jani B.
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I hope you enjoyed the beauty and variance that these plants can lend to a wedding as much as I do!

Happy Planning!