Wedding Ideas: Remembering Loved Ones

Your wedding day may be bittersweet if you have a loved one that has passed and won’t be there to share in your special day.  To honor your loved ones there are a few ideas that you can do to remember them on your wedding day.

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An easy way to remember them is to use a candle with a sign to encompass all loved ones.

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Or use pictures in frames on a mantle, table or bookshelf.  You can even hang small pictures from a flower arrangement.

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I love this idea of hanging pictures near your ceremony location like this couple did.  I think this makes such a statement of who is there in spirit!

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Another idea at the ceremony is to reserve a chair in their honor.  You can place flowers or a picture on the chair as well to mark where they would have sat if they could have been there.

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 You can also carry pictures of loved ones with you.  Small lockets with pictures of loved ones can be incorporated in to your bouquet and can even be used as a boutonniere.

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Check out these lockets that are on the back of the brides shoes! Too cute!

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Do you have a unique way to remember your loved ones at your wedding?

Tell us!

Family Heirloom Weddings

All brides are trying to make their wedding special! One of the easiest ways to make your wedding more meaningful is to incorporate family heirlooms.  Isn’t family one of the most important things surrounding a wedding?  You are essentially joining the two families together and by using family items, however small, it can make a huge impact.  Adding family heirlooms can make a simple item, like a table centerpiece, mean so much more.

The inspiration for this blog came from the wedding on June 16th at our very own Glendalough Manor where the bride and groom, Elizabeth and Bradley, had a beautiful vintage inspired wedding that incorporated family heirlooms throughout the reception.  They used the families’ antique silver trays, silver and glass vases and other collectables as the centerpieces for the guest tables.  The incredibly talented florist DGL Designs used these family heirlooms to create amazing centerpieces.   DGL Designs added an assortment of ivory and green flowers including peonies, hydrangea, roses, and lisianthus creating unique centerpieces that were different on every table.

Elizabeth and Bradley also used their parents and grandparents newlywed pictures to surround their gorgeous four tiered wedding cake. What an amazing idea and tribute to the family!  This wedding was a classic vintage affair in every sense of the word!!

There are many ways to create your own vintage wedding like Elizabeth and Bradley.  Start by asking family if they have any items from their wedding or heirlooms you may use.  You may be surprised at how much they have to give you! Plus, they will be honored you want to include them in your special day.

For example, brides are using family brooches or other jewelry such as pearls to adorn their wedding bouquets.

Even a handkerchief or locket can add an extra special touch to your wedding bouquet.

Another way to incorporate family memorabilia is to wear the same jewelry that your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day.

If you are lucky enough to have a wedding dress that was passed down you can decide to display the dress or even wear it!! Other items you can borrow include garters, shoes, veil, or headpiece.

I hope this has inspired you to use some of your own family heirlooms at your wedding. Stay posted for more amazing pictures from Brandelyn Photography of this vintage inspired wedding!

Happy Planning!

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