Wedding Dress Trends: Pockets Return for 2013!

Wedding dresses with pockets are back again in 2013 and wedding designers all over are showing their pocket love!  So many brides are thrilled to know that pockets are still on trend for next year! Mixing practical elements with the elegance of a beautiful gown is always a plus!

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The most popular style of wedding gowns with pockets are A-line dresses and ball gowns.  It is easy to hide pockets on the side seam of these larger dresses.  Think about all the small goodies you can carry with you on your wedding day!

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Although, ball gowns and A-line dresses are more common to have pockets, many designers in 2013 are adding pockets to more form fitting dresses.

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 Some designers are placing pockets in the front of the dress at the waistline! What do you think about pockets in the front?

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Pockets or not pockets?  Leave us your comments and let us know what you think!


2013 Wedding Trend: Peplum Dresses

Showing up on wedding runways everywhere are peplum dresses!  If you haven’t seen this trend it is basically an overskirt or ruffle attached to the waist of a dress. This girly ultra feminine look is the newest trend in wedding fashion for 2013.

For wedding dresses this “overskirt” can be small like ruffles or large and more dramatic in size.  Designers are using tulle, silk organza, lace or even feathers to create this smaller skirt.

My favorite addition to a peplum wedding gown is a sparkly or colored bridal belt to help define the waistline.

The trend doesn’t stop with wedding dresses!  Peplum bridesmaids dresses are becoming increasingly popular turning a simple silhouette in to something fashion forward.

I especially like peplum dresses for brides as a second “getaway” dress.  These short peplum dresses make an all white dress look classy and sophisticated.

If you are a bold bride, try a peplum dress with a splash of color on the top or bottom.

I realize this trend probably isn’t for every bride.  If you enjoy pushing the edge in bridal fashion and want a dress that is fashion forward peplum dresses might be the perfect choice for you!

What do you think of this new bridal fashion trend for 2013?

Tell us your thoughts!

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Second Wedding Dresses; Perfect Party Dresses for the Bride

After the ceremony so many brides are changing from their traditional wedding dresses in to short, fun and flirty party dresses.  I love this new trend for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that you can party the night away dancing!  By choosing a second wedding dress you don’t have to stress over choosing a traditional dress for the ceremony that might constrict you from busting those moves later in the evening. You can also be free to greet your guests without the worry that someone will step on that beautiful train you wanted.

My favorite reason to have a dress change is to show off those awesome shoes! If you decide not to change, no one will ever really get to see them!

One of the things that guests talk about most after a wedding is how the bride looked.  Changing in to a second dress is sure to surprise your guests and keep them talking all night long.  There are no set rules to choosing a second wedding dress.  Just choose something that is fun and makes you feel beautiful!

Vintage dresses are always in style and I love these 50’s inspired dresses!

If you really want to make a statement wear a colored dress…you will definitely have all eyes on you in this vintage red dress!

Have fun with the veils and hair accessories! This is a party so make sure your dress and accessories fit the style and type of reception you want to have.

No matter the style or length of your party dress as long as you love it your guests will too!