Maid of Honor Duties

Have you been asked to be a Maid or Matron of Honor?  If you said yes, congratulations!  You have been chosen as one of the most important people in the bride’s life and she wants YOU to stand by her side on the big day.  After the excitement wears off, you may start to wonder what your responsibilities are.   There are just a few simple things to remember along the way to ensure you are the best maid of honor you can be!

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 1. Accompany the bride on her quest for the perfect wedding dress.  You may visit many bridal stores before finding the perfect dress. Be patient and help the bride find the dress that fits her and her personality best.

2. Be her “rock” during the stress of planning.  Try to be available for the bride to call you with questions, advice, and concerns.  She will need a Maid of Honor with a good listening ear who can laugh and cry with her throughout this sometimes stressful process.  Also try to attend vendor appointments such as catering and cake appointments when asked to attend.

3. Help with finding the right bridesmaid dresses.  Help the other bridesmaids at the fittings and make sure they have their dresses ordered and paid for on time.

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4.  Volunteer your time for wedding projects.  Help with assembling invitations or wedding favors.  Also, offer time to help with DIY projects.

5. Plan A Wedding Shower Throw a thoughtful shower celebrating the upcoming wedding.  Be sure to include the other bridesmaids to help with the planning!

6. Plan the Bachelorette Party Consult with the bride on what she wants for a bachelorette party before planning to ensure you have events planned to fit her comfort level.

7. Coordinate Hair and Make-up times for all bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. Make sure all of the bridesmaids are ready on time!

8. On the wedding day keep the bride calm and on-time Help the bride get ready and get in to her wedding dress.  Make sure she stays on time so she is ready for pictures to alleviate any additional stress.

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9.  During the ceremony hold her bouquet, carry the grooms ring and take care of her train.

10. Prepare a toast during the reception.

I promise if you do all of these things you will make the bride so happy in her decision to choose you as her Maid or Matron of Honor!

Do you have any advice to add to this list?

We want to know!

Wedding Ideas: Remembering Loved Ones

Your wedding day may be bittersweet if you have a loved one that has passed and won’t be there to share in your special day.  To honor your loved ones there are a few ideas that you can do to remember them on your wedding day.

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An easy way to remember them is to use a candle with a sign to encompass all loved ones.

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Or use pictures in frames on a mantle, table or bookshelf.  You can even hang small pictures from a flower arrangement.

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I love this idea of hanging pictures near your ceremony location like this couple did.  I think this makes such a statement of who is there in spirit!

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Another idea at the ceremony is to reserve a chair in their honor.  You can place flowers or a picture on the chair as well to mark where they would have sat if they could have been there.

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 You can also carry pictures of loved ones with you.  Small lockets with pictures of loved ones can be incorporated in to your bouquet and can even be used as a boutonniere.

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Check out these lockets that are on the back of the brides shoes! Too cute!

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Do you have a unique way to remember your loved ones at your wedding?

Tell us!