An All American Theme: Baseball Wedding

My all time favorite sports themed wedding is a baseball themed wedding!! What is more all American than a baseball game?  Plus, baseball games are synonymous with so many fun details that are perfect for a wedding!

The best tip I can give is to try and think about all the reasons you love a baseball game and try to incorporate those favorite things in to your wedding.  You never have to go overboard with a theme, but little touches can make your wedding extremely unique!  Take a look at these response cards for your invitations!  Right away, your guests have an idea of your theme and the type of wedding you are having!

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The obvious element to use in a baseball themed wedding are baseballs and bats.  The size is perfect for incorporating in to flower arrangements or as an embellishment to any table decor.  You can even use the baseballs or bats as an alternative to a traditional sign-in book.  Have guests sign baseballs or a baseball bat and you can display it in your home after the wedding!

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Another thing synonymous with baseball games is the food!! Try to incorporate food items you can only get at a baseball game.  Peanuts, cracker jacks, mini hot dogs, and/or popcorn make great appetizers or even favors for your guests.  For your beverages try serving ice cold Coke!  For a an exciting twist rent a food truck to serve hotdogs during your cocktail hour or at the end of the night serving dessert. Guests will love this unexpected surprise!

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Check out how ah-dorable these stadium seats are that can be used for the bride and groom table! L-O-V-E!

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 Would you have a baseball themed wedding?

What do you like most about this theme?

Happy Planning!



Sports Themed Wedding: Football!

Football season is back and for all of us in the South you know how important this time of the year is!  With the love for the game and of course the loyalty to the teams it made me think about all the fun ways you can incorporate sports in to your wedding.  I love anything at a wedding that sets it apart and some of the best ideas are the ones that are special and unique to the couple.  Sports are that thing that can set your wedding apart and a perfect way to bring in your personalities.

If you or your fiance love football there are a few fun ways to use this at your wedding!

If you love the team colors why not try and use them as your wedding colors.  If the colors are too bold for you, try choosing the same colors in a different tone.  That way everything blends together nicely.  Another idea I love for a football themed wedding is to use grass or the “football field” in your decor! Grass makes a perfect place to set your place cards!

You can even incorporate the football theme in to the food!  Try mini sliders served with a small mug of beer! Too cute!

One of the easiest and most common ways that brides and grooms show their team loyalty is through the wedding or grooms cake!

Or try having the groomsman wear their favorite team on their shoes.  Love this idea!

You can always surprise your new hubby with a football themed garter belt!

And you can’t forget about some of the awesome photos you can get that show off your love of the game!

Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to incorporate sports in to everything at the wedding!  Choosing a few small details from the sport and incorporating them in to the wedding (without going overboard) will give you a perfect balance!

What do you think about incorporating sports in to weddings?

Do you have any other ideas for a football themed wedding?

We want to know!

Happy Planning!

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