Unique Table Runners

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to bring some color and texture to your reception tables you may want to consider a table runner!

Table runners are a great way to accentuate your centerpieces as well as make your guest tables unique! Table runners are traditionally long pieces of fabric, but brides are using their awesome creativity to make their own runner out of all sorts of materials!  Here are some of my favorite ideas!

 I have mentioned before you can use wallpaper for aisle runners and this is also a great choice for a DIY table runner!! I love wallpaper and all the fun and creative ways you can use it for weddings!  It comes in so many different fabrics and colors that you can choose a pattern that fits your wedding perfectly.

If you or your fiance love to read or write you can use pieces of pages from books to make a runner.  Or use old typewriter paper rolled out.  You can even type words on the paper every so often to make it more unique!

For an “outdoorsy” wedding you can use materials found in nature, like moss.  You can also use wood or burlap as a table runner.

For a vintage themed wedding you can use different sizes of doilies.

Or use strips of ribbon and lace as your table runner! How simple and elegant?

And if budget is no object, just use flowers like hydrangeas as your table runner! Wow…look how it falls off the table on to the floor!

Do you have a creative table runner idea that wasn’t mentioned?  Let us know!

Happy Planning!

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