Tea Party Bridal Shower

If you are deciding on a bridal shower theme don’t overlook the classic tea party.  Brides are using inspiration from the Mad Hatter tea party in Alice in Wonderland to give a new twist to the traditional party.  For most of us, we don’t get together and drink tea often and it is nice to treat everyone to a girlie and fun party.

Start with a great invitation to let everyone know it will be a tea party to remember.

I still like the idea of having all of the girls wear ridiculously big hats or for a modern twist you can ask them to wear vintage inspired headpieces. Gloves are also a fun addition to a tea party bridal shower. Putting on these small accessories gets everyone involved in the feeling of a traditional tea party and makes everything more fun.

To me, the easiest party of planning a tea party is the decor.  Think about the long estate table in Alice and Wonderland and mimic your decor from that table. You can use different colored pastel linens with lace overlays and any type of chair.

Of course use teapots, saucers and teacups with roses or blooms of flowers as the table centerpieces.

One of my favorite ideas is to ask each guest to bring a vintage saucer and teacup for the bride and groom.  At the party you can have each guest decorate their teacup using a beautiful gold writing.  A gift the bride can treasure forever and use for years to come.

The food can be traditional with cucumber sandwiches and scones.  You can have teapots at the table with different teas and serve sparkling champagne or cider.  A cookie station or dessert table with cookies and cupcakes can add to the lunch.

Give guests a tea inspired favor for attending.  This is an easy DIY project your guests will love to take home.

Hope this has inspired you to plan your own tea party bridal shower.  Let us know what you think of these ideas.  We would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

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