Wedding Advice: What Would You Do Differently?

How many times do you hear past brides say, “I wish I could redo my wedding”?   According to an article I got from the Huffington Post,  New York Magazine asked 100 recent brides what would be on their “do over” list and what they would keep the same if they had a chance to have their wedding over.  I found a few things very interesting that I wanted to share and get your thoughts on.

The first part of the article I found interesting was the question that asks brides what they regret spending so much money on.  Out of 100 brides 17% said they regret splurging on flowers which was very surprising to me.

Photo provided by Huffington Post

Interestingly enough recent brides said they wish they had spent more of their budget on photography and flowers!  Seems that setting your priorities on what is important to you is key.  Try not to go overboard or you may regret spending too much in one area.

Photo provided by Huffington Post

New York Magazine also asked what were some of the best gifts that they registered for and kitchen knives were the number one answer.  When asked what they wished they had left off of their registries brides answered a blender.

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And my favorite question asked was what do brides wished they had paid more attention to on their wedding day and the number one answer was lipstick.  This made me chuckle since I wish I would have reapplied my lipstick more often too!  What about you?

Photo provided by Huffington Post

Did this study make you change or rethink any of your decisions so far?

Do you agree with these recent brides answers?  Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

Five Tips for Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement!  One of the first things you will do to begin your wedding planning is decide on a location.  Each venue varies in important information including pricing, rules and requirements making it difficult to keep it all straight.  Although this can seem overwhelming, there is no need to worry!  With a few tips you can easily find the perfect venue!

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1. Refine Your Search- I have found that most brides begin their search online.  If you start in a search engine, like Google, be specific in your key words.  For example, use the words “Outdoor Wedding Venue in Atlanta Georgia”.

  • Make sure to look at the location, nearby hotels, proximity to airport, etc to help in deciding on location.
  • Sometimes the best places to start are wedding sites that allow you to look at all wedding venues in a particular area.  We recommend wedding sites like Wedding Wire or Atlanta Bridal that allow you to compare venues and their locations all in one site.

2.Do Your Homework- Before calling a venue try to do as much homework and research on the venue as possible so you know which questions to ask.  Many times everything you need to know is on the website.  For example, Glendalough Manor includes all the pricing, menus and even a tool for estimating a total cost of your wedding right on the website!

Photo provided by Glendalough Manor
  • Print pricing as you research each site and make a budget for each venue you are interested in.
  • Note items included in the rental fee.  Do they provide tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, or dance floor?  If they are not included in the rental fee make sure to add them to your budget.
  • Don’t forget to look for hidden fees.  These can add up and be the deciding factor in which venue is right for you. For example, is there cake cutting fee, chair setup fee, or wine corking fee?
  • Also look at social media for the venue including their Facebook page, Twitter Account or blog to see extra pictures and testimonials you may not see on the website!

3. Call Venue For Details-  Once you have done your research and have compiled a list of questions and prepared an estimated budget for each venue, call them to discuss any questions or concerns.

  • Make sure to ask if your preferred date and time is available.
  • It is difficult for many venues to state how much a “typical” wedding is at a venue so try not to ask this question.  Each wedding is unique and the price range can vary based on your choices.  If the venue answers this question it can mislead you in the cost of your event.

4. Schedule a Tour- Consider your budget and determine which venues are right for you.

  • I suggest narrowing down the venues to your top three choices and call these venues to schedule a guided tour.
  • Make sure to bring a notepad with you to take notes.  There will be lots of information you receive at the tour and it can be hard to remember if you don’t write it down.
Photo provided by Its A Brides Life

5. Review the Contract- At the end of the tour, even if you are still unsure, ask for a copy of the contract.  That way you can take it home and review all the fine print at home.  This may bring up questions or concerns you may not have previously thought of at your appointment.

Good luck in your search to find the perfect wedding venue and happy planning!

Top Five Things to Do After You Become Engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement!   If you are recently engaged you may still be up in the clouds about your engagement!  After he proposes there is so much to do….you have to call all of your friends and scream that you just got engaged, post it on Facebook so everyone knows, bask in the attention of friends and family congratulating you, show off your beautiful ring, and then……start planning the wedding of your dreams.  Once reality hits that you now have to plan a wedding many brides are left with the question….now what?
We have created a list of the five most important things to do over the next few weeks to start your wedding planning!


Photo provided by Khaos Studios

Setting a date may not be as easy as it sounds!  Of course your need to think about the time of year you want to get married.  Do you want a Spring, Summer or Fall wedding?  You will want to consider the day of the week to get married.  To save money look at getting married on a Friday evening or even a Saturday afternoon versus an evening wedding.  Make sure the date you choose allows enough time for planning and enough time to pay for the wedding of your dreams. Giving between six months to a year to plan and pay for a wedding is usually best.  Also, try not to be too specific on a date before you visit venues.  Having a few dates in mind (maybe 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices) can open up available venues for you!


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One of the hardest things you will do during your wedding planning is to decide on a budget.  Talk with both sets of parents and see what each will contribute, if anything.  This will help in deciding on an overall budget.  Most parents have no idea how much a wedding costs.  Preparing a sample budget is a great way to show realistic numbers to your parents.  A great tool available for any bride to use is the Cost Calculator at Glendalough Manor.  This tool gives you accurate numbers on everything from your venue to your flowers.


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You will need to decide on whether or not you will need a wedding planner.  How much time do you have to plan a wedding?  If you don’t have much time to contribute to planning a wedding, consider a planner that will take some of the stress off of you.  Are you planning a destination wedding that requires local knowledge and expertise?   Do you want someone to be there on your wedding day to execute the day so it runs smoothly?  Answering these questions will help in determining whether you may need a planner and how much help you will need!


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Think about what you want your wedding to look like.  Do you want an outdoor or indoor ceremony and reception?  Do you want a traditional venue or untraditional venue?  Do you have certain wedding colors you want to use?  Make a list of the top five words you would use to describe your dream wedding.  Keep these words in mind as you make decisions along the wedding planning process.


Photo provided by Glendalough Manor

Most brides say finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the most difficult decisions you will make.  Make sure to do your research.  Come prepared with questions.  Look for hidden costs that can add up as well as making sure you can afford any minimum requirements on food or alcohol.  Trust your gut.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Once you set a date, create a budget, hire a wedding planner, decide on an overall theme for the wedding and book a wedding venue you can start on what we like to call the “fun stuff”.  Buy magazines and search the internet looking at wedding dresses, cakes, flowers and all of the fun and exciting wedding details.  Try to enjoy the experience as stressful as it can be sometimes.  At the end of the planning you will be marrying the man of your dreams so that is what is most important!

Congratulations again and happy planning!