Oh Succulents!!!

Succulents can be a fantastic addition to your wedding!  Although not a flower, succulents are plants that are a quite stunning and interesting way to enhance your wedding flowers.  Growing in popularity, succulents are a perfect match for wedding because of their unique characteristics.  Succulents are plants that can retain a high amount of water and hold that water for long periods of time (which I guess is the reason mine are still alive even though I have not watered them in a while)!  They can also survive in mostly all climates.  These are particularly great attributes to have for a wedding because they can with stand hot and cold climates without worrying about wilting or drying out which you do have to worry about with say a hydrangea or tulip.  

Perhaps the best part of using succulents in your wedding is that you can keep them and put in your house and with the proper watering and care, they can last until your 20th wedding anniversary…SERIOUSLY!!  My in-laws have had a jade plant for 15 years and it has tripled in size since it started!!  Unlike preserving a bouquet of flowers, it would keep growing like the love you and your new husband have for each other!  What a fantastic way to have a memory of your wedding day with you each day when you are home.

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Stunning and perfect for an upcoming Spring wedding!

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   This would be a perfect winter bouquet!

Photo Provided by succulents and sunshine

Cute Boutonniere!

Photo Provided by Taryn Rahl

What an AWESOME favor idea since your guests can actually keep these and use them in their house or office!

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Beautiful way to incorporate succulents into the reception centerpieces!


 Beautiful and Vibrant!

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I hope you enjoyed the beauty and variance that these plants can lend to a wedding as much as I do!

Happy Planning!

Wedding Flowers: Creative Bouquet Idea

A huge trend in weddings this year are DIY projects!  Some projects are to add a little personality to your wedding while other DIY projects are done to save money.  Many brides want to tackle making the personal flowers including the bridal bouquets to save money.  If you aren’t a florist this project can seem easy but can actually be difficult to achieve the look you want, especially if you want an assortment of flowers.  A new creative trend in making your own bouquet is to “bunch”  flowers together.  This not only makes a bold and creative statement but makes it much easier to assemble your own bouquet.

Photo provided by Zimbio

To achieve this look you can use the same flowers in different shades or different flowers in either the same or different colors.

Photo provided by Stephanie Hamlet
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You can also use this “bunching” look to make a statement on the guest tables.

Photo provided by A First Class Wedding

Tell us what you think about this new trend in flowers!

Wedding Decor: Fruits and Veggies

Incorporating unique elements in to your ceremony and reception decor is a great way to make your wedding unique.  One of easiest ways to do this is to use fruits and vegetables in your bouquets and centerpieces!

For example, berries are a great addition to a bouquet.  They add a touch of color and from afar look like tiny intricate flowers!

One of my favorite vegetables to use are artichokes.  Placed amongst other flowers or vegetables it looks amazing and extremely unique!

The bouquet below mixed the baby artichokes with kale and radishes…who knew that would look so stunning?!

Almost any fruit you can think of  looks great in a bouquet or centerpiece.  Apples, pears, oranges, lemons and limes are some of the most popular.  The vibrant color of the fruit is a great way to add a splash of color to any arrangement!

Can you believe this table centerpiece is made using green tomatoes?  So creative and beautiful!

Using fruits and vegetables in your decor can also help to save money especially if you want to make a centerpiece fuller.  It is a lot less expensive to use fruit and veggies than to use fresh flowers.  And if you are crafty, this is a great DIY project!

Are you using fruit in your wedding centerpieces?  What fruit or vegetables are you using?

Happy Planning!

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