Pretty as “Pie”: Great ways to Serve Pie at your Wedding

So many brides and grooms don’t like the taste of cake but want to have the traditional wedding cake served for their guests.  If you feel the same way, there are other ways to incorporate a variety of desserts for your guests (and you) to choose from.  One of the most popular ways to do this is by having a dessert bar or station with an assortment of desserts…. and you can’t have a dessert bar without pie!

Pies are perfect for a dessert bar and the best part is that you can offer a variety of flavors.  One of the ways to modernize serving pie is to make a mini version.  Stack them on a tower for a beautiful presentation. Some brides are even using this instead of serving cake.

Mini pies are also great favors and you can even make them yourself.  They can be made in to small mason jars where guests can take them home to warm and eat later! Yum!!

Pie-pops are a new way of serving pie which is basically pie on a stick similar to a lollipop.    These also make great favors when wrapped in cellophane.

What do you think about having pie at your wedding? Do you like the idea of pie pops?

Let us know!

Happy Planning!

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Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

In 2012 you will see many new trends. One of the most beautiful trends has to be hand painted wedding cakes!  These wedding cakes look like works of art and almost look too good to eat…almost ;).   These hand painted cakes can reflect your theme, the time of year (summer, fall, etc) or even be made to resemble your invitations and stationary. Below are some examples of these jaw dropping cakes!

Some of these cakes almost look like stained glass in a church…just exquisite!

The theme of your event can be accented in the hand painted details of your wedding cake such as this amazing cultural wedding cake below.

Using your wedding colors in a bold way on the cake makes a huge statement.

I love using the fondant flowers as an accent and painting them to match the cake!

You can even choose to use your wedding flowers and colors as the sole inspiration for the cake design.

No matter the design you choose these hand painted cakes are guaranteed to impress!

Happy Planning!


Wedding Cake Pops..Yum!!

If you haven’t tried a cake pop you are really missing out!! Cake pops are cake and frosting mixed together and hand dipped in chocolate to make one of the yummiest bite size desserts ever! Brides are using cake pops in many different ways and one of the most common ways is to use them as wedding favors.

Guests love anything edible and cake pops are a perfect way to say thank you.  Cake pops can even be a DIY project.  Just know that although they are easy to make, they can be time consuming  (especially the week of your wedding!)

I also love the idea of using cake pops as your guests “escort card”.  Just tie a cute tag to the cake pop with the guests name and table number!

Many brides are having dessert tables in addition to their wedding cake.  If you have a dessert table you can save money by purchasing a smaller wedding cake. Using candles and cake pops to surround the wedding cake fills up the table and makes a great display.  Look how beautiful it looks below!

If you love cake pops and want a non-traditional wedding cake then a cake pop wedding cake might be perfect for you!

However you decide to use cake pops I promise your guests will love them and they will be a huge hit at any wedding!

Are you using cake pops at your wedding?  Please let us know what you think!! Love it or hate it??