Must Read: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dresses!

Are you overwhelmed with all of the different style wedding dresses?   Finding the perfect wedding dress is never easy and with so many different silhouettes, necklines, and trains it is no wonder it can get confusing.  I am so excited to share this infographic I found explaining everything you ever wanted to know about wedding dresses.  I suggest that all brides read over this before going dress shopping so you can be informed about your options.  That way you can narrow down which silhouettes will work best for your body type, which waistline is right for you, and even what size train you like best.

wedding dress infographic on styles, necklines, and more

I hope this infographic has helped to explain all the terms that may be used during your dress appointment!

Good luck on finding the perfect wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Trends 2013: A Touch of Blush

Blush wedding dresses are on trend for 2013 and you may have seen celebrities like Jessica Biel and Reese Witherspoon wearing these pink gowns.  Although many brides think they want an all blush dress many decide that they don’t feel like a bride in a gown that isn’t white.

Photo provided by Its Sew My Style

If you love the look of a blush pink wedding dress but don’t feel like a bride wearing it, then consider an ombre wedding dress that combines white/ivory with a hint of blush pink.  This way you get the touch of pink you want without committing to an all pink dress.  Plus adding a touch of pink to a white or ivory dress makes the white/ivory stand out more!  Here are some of our favorite bridal gowns that include the perfect amount of blush pink!

Photo provided by Glamour
Photo provided by Wedding Dresses
Photo provided by Bridesmaid Trade

Keep in mind that if you want a touch of blush on your wedding dress, you do narrow down your choice of dresses since many designers only make a few blush dresses in their collections.  If you want a ball gown but  can’t find the perfect dress with a touch of blush pink, consider having a pink crinoline under the dress.  When you lift your dress when walking down the aisle and dancing guests will catch a glimpse of pink!

Photo provided by Belle The Magazine
Photo provided by Project Wedding
Photo provided by Weddings by Color

Let us know which dress is your favorite!

Happy Planning

Wedding Dress Trends 2013: Hi-Low Hem

I was surprised to see hi-low hemline wedding dresses were back for 2013!  These dresses are definitely not for every bride but if you are looking for a unique wedding dress that will have your guests talking this might be the dress for you.  It may also be perfect for a bride that can’t decide between a short or a long dress.   The hi-low hemline dresses range from a slight change in hemline to a more severe change in length. Designers everywhere are coming out with their own version of these gowns for 2013.

Photo provided by Charlottes Weddings
Photo provided by SellerFromChina
Photo provided by Wedding Insparasi

I’m not sure how I feel about these wedding gowns. At first I wasn’t loving the look but the slight change in hemline is growing on me.  I do love the fact that you can wear some fabulous shoes and your guests will actually get to see them!

Photo provided by Weddings Online
Photo provided by Wedding Insparasi
Photo provided by Woweddingdresses

What do you think about this hi-low hemline trend? It is a do or don’t?