Trend Alert: Live Painters at Your Wedding!

Goodbye caricature artists and hello live painters!  What a fantastic trend among us; this is one that I hope stays around for a long time.  I have seen my fair share of quirky caricature artists at weddings and don’t get me wrong, they are a fun touch.  However, the idea of hiring an artist to capture the action and the little moments is just priceless.  In a culture where we are becoming more and more fascinated with the past and all things vintage, it seems like a fitting trend.  I am not hating on this in ANY way!  I think it is a fantastic keepsake from your wedding.  Something that you can be proud to hang in your new house together as art!

Enjoy and happy planning!

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Wedding Fun and Games

I think we have all been to a wedding where the bride and groom took a very LONG time to take their photographs after the ceremony!  Even after eating plenty of hors d’ oeuvres you still felt bored waiting for the reception to begin.

Well, there is a solution to this problem that will allow your guests to have tons of fun even before the reception begins…games!   Who wouldn’t want to attend a wedding that has games?  I know I would and I think many of your guests would feel the same way.  Games before or during the reception set the mood for the evening.  Your guests know immediately that your reception will be a good time!

During the “cocktail” hour is a perfect time to introduce games, especially for an outside event like one at Glendalough Manor. Like I said before, guests have to wait for your family pictures and what better way than games to keep them occupied.  Games like horseshoes, bean bag toss and badminton are some of the most popular to play outdoors.  I love the idea offering a variety of games to play to keep guests interested!

Check out this ah-dorable idea to play mini golf and along the way find out cute tidbits about the newlyweds!

Or use silhouettes of your faces for a fun game of corn hole!

Another fun outside game is croquet. Check out the cute photographs of the bridal party trying out all the games!

If you choose a venue that is indoors there are also ways to incorporate games.  Each table can have a different board game with a cute sign to “play while they wait”!  Games like scrabble, tic-tac-toe, checkers or trivial pursuit are great board games to incorporate!

Some brides are leaving all the games to do during the reception between the bride and groom!  One of my favorite games to play is to have the bride and groom take off one of their shoes to give to each other.  They sit opposite each other and answer questions by raising the shoe of the one they think fits the question best.  For example, “Who is the best driver?” , etc.   Neither one can see what the other is holding up and it can be very entertaining for all of the guests!

Would you use games at your wedding?  We want to know!

Leave us your thoughts!


Wedding Flip Books

Are you looking for something fun and unique for guests to do at your wedding?  Well, I have an idea I think your guests are going to love.  So many brides are deciding on having a photo booth at their wedding to take pictures of their guests.  The pictures they take serve as a favor to take home with them and a reminder of the great time they had at your wedding. As much as I love photo booths, I think I may just love the idea of an on-site flip book more!!

If you are like me, I had never heard of an on-site flip book service for weddings and had no idea exactly what that meant. I will try my best to explain…. I think we have all seen the original flip books with a series of pictures when flipped through would create a “video” of sorts?

Well, flip book companies are now setting up an area at the wedding where they film guests making a short video clip.  In less than two minutes they create a flip book of the video to take with them as a favor from the wedding!! How cool is that?

Most companies will make as many flip books as the guests would like to make.  And the cover of the flip book can be personalized including your names and the date of the wedding.

You can also supply fun props that always make the flip books a little more interesting!

If you love the idea of a flip book some brides are even using this idea for save the dates and wedding invitations!

What do you think about this new trend for weddings?

Happy Planning!

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