Wedding Popsicles

The newest way to keep your guests cool at a Summer wedding is to treat them with popsicles! Who doesn’t love a popsicle on a hot Summer day? These yummy popsicles are showing up at weddings all over and guests are going gaga over these sweet treats.

Photo provided by Yummy Wedding Food

The great thing about popsicles is there are so many different flavors and colors to fit any wedding.  You can hire a popsicle truck or ask your caterer to serve them or look at making them yourself to save money!

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My favorite idea is to combine popsicles with alcohol as a unique signature drink! Put a flavored popsicle in a glass of champagne and as it melts it takes on the flavor of the popsicle.

Photo provided by Lauryn Galloway Blog

Or just make your favorite cocktail in to a popsicle!  Check out this link from Snippet and Ink with 25 boozy popsicles.  I can’t wait to try some of these spiked popsicles!

Photo provided by Snippet and Ink

For the perfect finish to your popsicles use these personalized popsicle sticks!

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We hope you love these wedding popsicles as much as we do!

Happy Planning!

Fun DIY Wedding Favors for 2013!

There are so many great wedding favor ideas!  Sometimes these little thank you gifts can turn in to a bigger expense than expected.  A great way to save some money is to make these favors yourself.  When choosing your favor the most important thing to remember is to make it personal to you and your fiance.  Here are a few ideas I ran across that I think are great favor ideas that you can not only make yourself but are useful or at least tasty treats for your guests!

I love Southern weddings and what is more southern than grits?  If you and your fiance love southern food why not give “Grits and Gratitude”?  You can order bags for the grits or even make them yourself.  Filled with grits and tied with a ribbon is an easy, adorable southern favor!

Photo provided by Murphy Weddings

Another great Southern DIY favor is to give a late night snack favor with a Coke (perfect for an Atlanta wedding) and a home baked cookie.  I might even substitute the cookie for some peanuts!

Photo provided by It's A Brides Life

Mason jars are always a great gift! You can even put your signature drink in them during the wedding and let your guests take them home!  Just order personalized decals and stick them to the mason jars for an instant favor!

Photo provided by Land Locked Bride

In the summer use mason jars to make a DIY ice cream jar.  All you need is some rock salt, sugar, vanilla powder and creamer.  Make some cute tags to tie around the jar and a perfect favor for a hot summer wedding day!

Photo provided by Project Wedding

If you have a favorite drink to share with your guests give that to them for the wedding! Take a look at these cute glasses with a muddler and recipe card!

Photo provided by PR Wedding Planner

If you are a green bride, I love the idea of personalized bags filled with seeds saying “May Good Things Grow”  so guests can make their own flower garden or herb garden.  Or look at making birdseed hearts for guests to hang from trees at their house.

Photo provided by Favor Craver
Photo provided by Wedding Clan

We hope these ideas have helped spark your creative ideas for your own wedding!

Do you have a unique favor idea?  We want to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

Wedding Flip Books

Are you looking for something fun and unique for guests to do at your wedding?  Well, I have an idea I think your guests are going to love.  So many brides are deciding on having a photo booth at their wedding to take pictures of their guests.  The pictures they take serve as a favor to take home with them and a reminder of the great time they had at your wedding. As much as I love photo booths, I think I may just love the idea of an on-site flip book more!!

If you are like me, I had never heard of an on-site flip book service for weddings and had no idea exactly what that meant. I will try my best to explain…. I think we have all seen the original flip books with a series of pictures when flipped through would create a “video” of sorts?

Well, flip book companies are now setting up an area at the wedding where they film guests making a short video clip.  In less than two minutes they create a flip book of the video to take with them as a favor from the wedding!! How cool is that?

Most companies will make as many flip books as the guests would like to make.  And the cover of the flip book can be personalized including your names and the date of the wedding.

You can also supply fun props that always make the flip books a little more interesting!

If you love the idea of a flip book some brides are even using this idea for save the dates and wedding invitations!

What do you think about this new trend for weddings?

Happy Planning!

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