Wedding Inspiration: Origami Paper Cranes

Brides all over are using origami paper cranes as decoration for their wedding!  Why origami cranes?  In the Asian culture cranes are a symbol of happiness, longevity and peace.  It is said that 1000 paper cranes will give you a thousand years of happiness and prosperity together!!  How cool is that?

Origami cranes not only have an awesome meaning but they are also beautiful decoration.  Hanging strings of origami cranes make a stunning backdrop for any ceremony.

How beautiful are these cranes hanging from this 100 year old tree?

They also serve as a great backdrop for photographs!

I love the idea of using an origami crane as the escort cards!

Or they can double as a favor for the guests to take home with them!

If you are crafty gal these origami cranes are a great DIY project.  If you aren’t so crafty, like me, websites such as Esty are my saving grace and will have a great variety of papers and colors to choose from!

What do you think of incorporating this Asian tradition in to your wedding?

We would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Cake Pops..Yum!!

If you haven’t tried a cake pop you are really missing out!! Cake pops are cake and frosting mixed together and hand dipped in chocolate to make one of the yummiest bite size desserts ever! Brides are using cake pops in many different ways and one of the most common ways is to use them as wedding favors.

Guests love anything edible and cake pops are a perfect way to say thank you.  Cake pops can even be a DIY project.  Just know that although they are easy to make, they can be time consuming  (especially the week of your wedding!)

I also love the idea of using cake pops as your guests “escort card”.  Just tie a cute tag to the cake pop with the guests name and table number!

Many brides are having dessert tables in addition to their wedding cake.  If you have a dessert table you can save money by purchasing a smaller wedding cake. Using candles and cake pops to surround the wedding cake fills up the table and makes a great display.  Look how beautiful it looks below!

If you love cake pops and want a non-traditional wedding cake then a cake pop wedding cake might be perfect for you!

However you decide to use cake pops I promise your guests will love them and they will be a huge hit at any wedding!

Are you using cake pops at your wedding?  Please let us know what you think!! Love it or hate it??


Yummy Favors!

I believe one of the best ways to treat your guests to an amazing experience is by giving them a unique, creative favor that they can go home with.  There are many different types of creative and fun favors you can give your guests but my biggest advice is to make it personal to you and your fiancé.  If it is something you love and want to share it with your guests, it will make the favor all the more special.  You want your guests to enjoy the favor they take home and I promise anything yummy and edible will not be left behind!   Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Everyone is looking for cute favors they can make yourself, well why not use popcorn?  Just put popcorn in cellophane bags with a cute DIY tag in your wedding colors reading “Love is Popping up Everywhere” or even just a thank you note for coming.  Guests will love it, especially if guests know you love popcorn or play baseball or softball.

Cotton Candy Favors!  I know it isn’t a circus but who doesn’t like feeling like a kid every now and then.  Cotton Candy comes in a variety of colors and this sticky sweet treat is a perfect way to end a long night of dancing.

Another great DIY favor is S’mores!  I love this idea if you are getting married when it is a little chilly outside.  Just give them the tools to make their own s’more with a piece of chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow.

If you make homemade preserves and jellies they are a perfect favor (especially in flavors they can’t buy all the time…Muscadine and guava to name a few).  Giving your guests something homemade is always a heartfelt “thank you for coming”.  Guests can enjoy this over the next few months and think about your fun wedding as they eat their Sunday breakfast! =)

Lastly,I love bottled favors guests can enjoy at a later time!  If you and your fiancé drink coke all the time why not pass out glass coke bottles or another favorite drink. Or a bottle of your favorite champagne or wine…if you can make your own that’s even better!

I hope these pictures and ideas inspire you to come up with your own creative and yummy favors for your guests. If you are giving a yummy favor idea not listed here I would love to hear about it!