Top 5 Affordable and Practical Bridesmaid Gifts

Many brides struggle in deciding what gifts to get for their bridesmaids.  You want something that will show how much you appreciate all they have done for you and how much you care for them.  I think some of the best bridesmaids gifts are the ones that are unique and heartfelt.  You also want something they can use or wear again in the future.  I have listed below my top five practical and affordable bridesmaid gifts!

What girl doesn’t like a good bag?  Some brides are even choosing to forgo the traditional bridesmaid bouquet and have their girls walk down with a beautiful clutch.  Accent the clutches to make them a little different and not only do they have a clutch for the wedding but a purse they can use later!

Instead of putting all of your gifts in a paper bag, why not get a tote for your girls to have?  That way they can carry all of their things in it on the day of the wedding and have a great bag to use in the future!

Giving jewelry will never go out of style! My advice is to look for unique pieces.  Etsy is a great place to find handmade jewelry you can’t find in many places.  I also love the idea of getting each one personalized with their initial or name.  How fun are these name rings?

My favorite piece of jewelry has to be a locket.  It’s a great place to write a heartfelt note or poem to your girls!!

When you think of a traditional bridesmaid gift you may not think of art.  I saw this idea to have a painting done of each girl and fell in love with this idea.  You can’t get more unique and fun than this.  Plus, it makes some very cool pictures!!

Being a bridesmaid can be hard work!! I love the idea of giving them a spa certificate to use after the wedding.  You can even use a suitcase to pack up a bridesmaid survival kit  with emergency items and include the spa certificate in the suitcase!

Another great idea is to get your girls a beautiful robe to wear on the day of the wedding.  Not only does it look great for pictures but is something they can use again!

What are you giving your bridesmaids?  Do you have any unique ideas I haven’t listed here?

We would love to hear about them!

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Wedding Gifts for Your Groom!

Happy Valentines Day!

If you are like me, you may have waited until the last minute to buy your fiance something for Valentines Day.  Well, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to decide on a gift for your groom-to-be on your wedding day!  It is not always an easy task to decide what to get the man in your life for any holiday and it is especially difficult on your wedding day.  Here are a few ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your soon to be husband!

I love gifts that are thoughtful and anything personalized always let that special someone know you picked out a gift with only them in mind.  One of the most common gifts for a groom are personalized cufflinks.  I still like this idea but instead of the regular cufflinks with his initials why don’t you choose cufflinks that reflect his personality?  You can choose baseball cufflinks or his favorite sports team.  It is still such a classy and traditional gift and it also shows you care about the things he loves.

You can also think about some of his hobbies.  If he likes to play poker with his buddies then he would love a personalized poker set.

He may be addicted to his Ipad so a personalized case would be the perfect gift for him!

Or if your fiance is a scotch or whiskey drinker, you can give him a bottle of his favorite brand of liquor. Along with an engraved flask it will be the perfect gift!

One of my favorite ideas is to give him a matted and framed photograph of an artist he loves or a music group he listens to!

Good luck in finding the perfect gift for your groom-to-be!

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