Five Favorite Wedding Hairstyles for 2013

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make, besides choosing your wedding dress, is choosing which hairstyle is right for you!  With so many different hairstyles available it can be a challenging decision. When choosing a hairstyle, consider not only the length of your hair but the style of your dress.  Is it romantic, traditional, or modern?  Try and choose a hairstyle that compliments the dress and you!  I have chosen my top five hairstyles for 2013 to help in your search.


Buns are back and I am super excited!  There are many ways to wear a bun on your wedding day.  I love a great side bun, chignon or the newest hairstyle the top knot.  The top knot is basically a bun at the crown of the head typically with a more “messy” look but can also be worn in a more structured way.

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French Twist

Another traditional hairstyle back for 2013 is the french twist. This hairstyle is still such a beautiful and classic way to wear your hair or wear it messy for a modern twist.

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Anything vintage for weddings is hot, hot, hot! I have always had a soft spot for a beautiful vintage hairstyle.  You can’t really go wrong choosing any hairstyle from the1920’s!

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Down Waves

Many brides are choosing to forgo the traditional up do and wear their hair down with beautiful waves.  This look is modern and beautiful.

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Braids/Waterfall Braid

Braids have been popular for weddings in 2012 and remain a great hairstyle for 2013.  A side braid, fishtail braid, or my new favorite is the waterfall braid.  You get to wear your hair down with waves but add a little twist to the back. L-O-V-E!

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Which hairstyle is your favorite? We want to know!

Wedding Hair: Fishtail Braids!

Braids, Braids Braids!  This versatile hairstyle can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  So many brides are choosing to wear wedding braids and one of the most popular braids is the fishtail braid.  To me, it takes the simple braid and dresses it up making it perfect for wedding hair.

This type of braid lends itself to a messy yet put together look blending the formalness of the bridal gown with a more relaxed hairstyle.

Although this may look easy to do, I would suggest hiring someone or asking someone comfortable doing this kind of braid for the day of the wedding.  Make sure to have that same person do a trial run to make sure you like the fishtail braid with your wedding dress.

Don’t worry if your hair isn’t long enough!  So many web sites, like, are selling faux fishtail braids.  Takes some of the worry out of making the perfect fishtail braid.  Just clip in and go!

Below are some unique ways to incorporate a fishtail braid.  I love the half up and half down hairstyle with the fishtail braid down the back.  It gives an element of surprise when you turn around.

What do you think of this bridal hair?

Would you wear a fishtail braid on your wedding day?

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