Unique Ideas For An Outdoor Summer Ceremony

We are always on the lookout for unique ideas for your wedding!  Planning an outdoor ceremony can be a little more difficult to plan, but your possibilities to be creative are endless.  Many churches and inside ceremony locations have restrictions on decor, but outside there are a lot less rules.  Check out some of our favorite outdoor ceremony ideas!

Instead of using chairs for guests to sit on use sheets or quilts.  This creates a more casual environment for guests.  Add baskets, wooden crates, pillows, candles and flowers for a romantic environment.  As an added tip make sure guests know to dress casual for your wedding!

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If you are concerned with the heat keep them cool by offering hats, umbrellas, or fans!

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You can also offer popsicles to guests as they enter the ceremony.  Or have a fun lemonade stand for guests to sip on during the ceremony!

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I always cry at weddings so I love the idea of offering handkerchiefs to guests!

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My favorite idea for an outdoor wedding is to have kites for guests to enjoy after the ceremony!

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What is your favorite idea for an outdoor summer ceremony?

We want to know!

Happy Planning!

Trend Alert: Arrows!

You can thank the movie “Hunger Games” for a new trend in 2013; arrows!  Arrows have become very popular this year in the fashion industry showing up on jewelry and clothing.  You will even start to see arrows in home decor.  With the popularity in the fashion world, brides have been inspired to use arrows in everything from invitations to wedding cakes. Whether you know the movie “Hunger Games” or not, arrows can end up adding a modern touch to your wedding decor.  Here are some arrow wedding inspiration for you to consider!

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Invitations give your guests a glimpse in to the type of wedding they will attend.  For an arrow themed wedding this stationary is the perfect choice!

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I love the idea of using arrows for the guest seating cards.  Just add the place card to each arrow or use a large heart to display the arrows for a dramatic look.

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Arrows look great tied as pew ends, used as table decor, or can even be bundled and carried as a bouquet!

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And don’t forget about the wedding cake and desserts!

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What do you think about using arrows in wedding decor?

We want to know your thoughts…tacky or loveable?

Happy Planning!

The Yummiest Late Night Snacks for your Wedding!

If you don’t know yet, one of the hottest trends in 2012 and 2013 are late night snacks!  These tiny bites of goodness usually served towards the end of your wedding make the perfect snack after a long night of partying and celebrating. The more unique the snack, the more impact it can make.  Most guests aren’t expecting any more food for the evening so this little sweet or savory treat can be a great unexpected surprise!

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Some of my favorite late night snacks are ones that the bride and groom enjoy!  If you love hamburgers or hotdogs, try serving mini versions.  I love how one bride packed these up in a “to go” box for the guests to take home!

Photo provided by Beu Weddings

Guests love comfort food!  You can even choose to pass out small small containers of french fries or have a french fry bar!  This would go great with the mini hot dogs or sliders!

Photo provided by Jackiefo

If you or your groom prefer sweets, serve your guests doughnuts, milk and cookies, or my favorite from Glendalough Manor is the homemade assorted mini milkshakes.  Delicious!

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Everyone loves something at a fair so why not offer some of the same yummy choices like snow cones, cotton candy or popcorn!!

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Or if you can’t decide choose something savory and sweet….my favorite is bacon dipped in chocolate!!! Yum!!!

Photo provided by Hgb-Steeltrap


Which is your favorite late night snack? Leave us your comments!