String Lights: Light up Your Wedding!

In all the years planning weddings I would have to say lighting is one of the key elements in the decor.  It sets the mood for the wedding giving off a sense of romance and elegance.  Candles of all shapes and sizes have been used for years to decorate weddings and are still being used today.  As beautiful as candles look there are other ways brides are lighting up their reception.  One of my favorite ways is to use string lighting.

This classic rope or market style lighting is a simple way to dress up a ceremony or reception location.  The most popular way to use string lighting is at your reception.  Whether you have an inside or outside reception string lighting can totally transform a space.  It adds a touch of sparkle overhead almost looking like tiny stars.

For an outside affair you can choose to use a tent, clear tent being my favorite, or use the string lighting as your “tent”.

You don’t have to have a lot of lights to make a big impact.  A few strands of light can add so much to your reception! Plus, it is a fairly inexpensive DIY addition with many string lighting starting at about $9 per strand you can get about 23 feet of lighting!

What do you think about string lighting?  Leave us your comments!

Happy Planning!

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