Bridal Makeup Fall/Winter 2013

Are you getting married this Fall or Winter and still undecided on how to wear your makeup?  Well, we are here to help!  On the runways for Fall 2013 there were a variety of makeup trends that caught our eye.  Try out some of these trends and you may find the perfect look for your wedding day!

Cat Eyes

A huge wedding trend this year is Mod themed and inspired weddings so it is no surprise to me that the makeup is also following that trend.  Black liner will be your best friend this Fall and for a bold 60’s look extend your liner to create cat eyes.

Photo provided by Fashionisers
Photo provided by Bella Sugar

Wine Lips

Matte or glossy this lip color is hot for Fall.  Wear this lip with a more neutral eye to prevent looking overdone!

Photo provided by Sugar Social Beauty

Soft Gray Shadow

The smoky eye will never go out of style, but this Fall a subtle gray with a soft sheen is the new look for a glam eye.

Photo provided by Seventeen
Photo provided by Harpers Bazaar

“No Makeup”  Makeup Look/ Matte Skin

It is all about beautiful skin this Fall!  Apply a liquid foundation and cover with a matte powder to achieve this look.  Blush is more subtle this Fall so try a pink sheer blush.

Photo provided by EA Luxe

Sparkle Shadow

I was surprised to see this trend return but Chanel used this trend on the runways in a new way.  These crystals are perfectly placed across the lash line to add sparkle and drama to the eye.

Photo provided by Blooming- Beaut
Photo provided by Byrdie

Which look is your favorite?

Makeup Trends for Spring/ Summer 2013

Every year the runways help to dictate the hot new makeup trends. This year is no exception!  Some of the same looks we have seen before are showing up in a new way!

Photo provided by Austin Culture Map

Red lips are still on trend for Spring and Summer 2013.   A pop of color on the lips, especially red, is a great look.  Just make sure to keep the eyes neutral.  Another great way to get a pop of color instead of wearing red lips is to try pink!

Photo provided by White Me
Photo provided by Chill Weddings

Eyeliner is all the rage this year! Try a retro look with your liner which goes great with a pop of color on the lips.  You can also smudge your eyeliner to give a more smoky eye look paired with a softer lip.

Photo provided by Paki Fashion
Photo provided by Bride Sparkle

Bold eyes are still on trend with lashes being center stage.  Fluttery, thick lashes are the perfect way to make a dramatic statement with your eyes without wearing too much eyeshadow.

Photo provided by Voglue

The natural look with glowing skin is also on trend for Spring and Summer.  Bronzer is your best friend with this look.  Wear a natural eye and lip with your skin being the main attraction.

Photo provided by She Finds

What is your favorite makeup look for 2013?

We want to know what you think!

Happy Planning!

Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you want your makeup to look at it’s best!   Your wedding day is not the day to try something new and over the top.  The key to great makeup is to look like yourself but the best version of you!

Whether you have hired a professional to do your makeup or decide to do your own, make sure to have a trial run to ensure you get the look you want. Think about the overall look you want for your wedding day while considering the time of day and theme.   If you have a makeup artist, make sure to communicate these important details so they can help in determining the best look for you.  After the trial decide what you like or dislike about the finished look.  Don’t forget to take a picture of your trial to make sure it photographs well!

Below are some tips to ensure your makeup looks flawless on your wedding day!

1. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to pick one feature on your face you want to accentuate.  Whether you choose your eyes or lips, playing up both features can make you look overdone.

2. Get your brows and/or lip waxed at least 48 hours before the wedding.  You don’t want redness or irritated skin to show!

3. Wear waterproof mascara and water resistant liner!  This is a must!!  Tears will be shed on this special day and the last thing you want is mascara or liner running down your face.  Also, waterproof and water resistant products are great for outside weddings to ensure there is no smudging or creasing around your eyes in the heat.

4. Wear a lip liner under your lipstick or gloss to help it last longer and to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

5. Choose a shade of lipstick a shade or two brighter than your normal lipstick. Lipstick that is too light can make you look washed out in pictures.

6. If you are have oily skin or are having an outside wedding oil blotting sheets will be your best friend!  Just a few dabs on your face throughout the day you reduce any shine and give a nice matte finish to your face.

7. Choose the right shade of foundation!  Make sure your foundation not only matches your face but also your neck.  You wouldn’t want to take pictures where your face looks darker or lighter than the rest of your body.  Keep in mind when choosing a foundation that powder can be aging in daylight, so try a cream foundation and cover with neutral colored powder for staying power.

8. Avoid foundation with SPF or zinc oxide on your wedding day. In photographs this can make your face much lighter looking than it is in person.

9. Consider using an eyelash curler or fake lashes to help your lashes look thick and beautiful.  If you opt for fake eyelashes you may want to leave that to the pros to put on.

10.  Lastly ask your Maid of Honor to carry a small clutch with your wedding day makeup essentials for touching up.  Include lipstick and lip gloss, oil blotting sheets, face powder and of course tissues for all those sweet tearful moments!

I hope these tips help to make your wedding day makeup as flawless as your wedding!

Happy Planning!

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