Top Wedding Flowers 2013

According to there are ten flowers that will be on trend in 2013.  Before going to meet with your florist it is always good to have an idea of flowers you like and maybe more importantly what you don’t like.  I suggest looking in magazines and on-line and saving as many pictures of bouquets and centerpieces.  Many brides find that after saving the images they like, they see many of the same flowers in each of the pictures.  Whether you like lush and large arrangements or modern and simplistic you will probably see some of the flowers and plants you love in this list!

1. Dahlias

Photo provided by Inspired by This

2. Mums

Photo provided by Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry

3. Brunia Berries

Photo provided by Fleurology

4. Peonies

Photo provided by Kiss The Groom

5. Succulents

Photo provided by DIY or Dont

6. Baby’s Breath

Photo provided by Bouquet Wedding Flower

7. Ranunculus

Photo provided by My Inspired Wedding

8. Anemones

Photo provided by RKD Weddings Blog

9. Garden Roses

Photo provided by Bollea

10. Clematis

Photo provided by Polka Dot Bride

Which flower or plant is your favorite?

We want to know!

Flower Trends for 2013: Cascade Bouquets

Cascade Bouquets are back this year with a whole new look!   I have to admit I have never been a huge fan of this style bouquet.  If you are unsure what a cascade bouquet is, it is exactly what it sounds like; a long wash of flowers usually longer than it is wide.  However I have to admit after seeing some of these gorgeous bouquets I have changed my mind and I think you might too!

Photo provided by Sullivan Owen

In 2013, you will see a shift toward vintage bouquets.  Picture in your mind bouquets that look like the flowers have been picked right out of a garden and tied together.  Brides are choosing garden flowers like peonies (my all time favorite), roses, and dahlias over tropical flowers like orchids.  Choosing these types of flowers gives a fuller more organic look to the bouquet.

Photo provided by Dandie and Floral Designs
Photo provided by Gia Canali Photography
Photo provided by Pittsburgh Magazine

Lots of greenery is not on trend this year but with the right flowers and touches of more modern greenery can make the perfect cascade bouquet.

Photo provided by Karen Tran
Photo provided by Flickr
Photo provided by Fashion Bride
Photo provided by Marriage Bouquets

What do you think of these new and updated cascade bouquets?

We want to know!

Romantic Wedding Flowers: Peonies

One of my all time favorite flowers are Peonies and who wouldn’t love this big beautiful flower? It is no surprise that peonies are one of the most popular flowers for bridal bouquets.

If you are a girly girl like me, peonies are the ultimate bridal flower.  This fluffy, ultra romantic flower looks amazing by itself or paired with other types of flowers.  In my opinion, it is the ultimate in classic beauty and vintage style.

One of the best thing about Peonies are their size.  Just a couple of stems of Peonies can make a stunning centerpiece.

Brides take note….. these classic flowers are mostly available in late March/early April through July so if you want these flowers you have a small window to get married! Many brides have been known to plan their weddings in these months for the sole purpose of using this coveted flower.

Another great characteristic of the Peony is the different looks one flower can give.  You can leave the bloom closed, partly open or open all the way to give a totally different look to your bouquet.

And peonies come in many different colors like pink, fuchsia, lilac and of course classic white.

What do you think about peony bouquets?  Leave us your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

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