Makeup Trends for 2012

Choosing your wedding makeup is a big decision that is sometimes overlooked. With all the time you spend on choosing the dress, hair, shoes and accessories you don’t want to forget about one of the biggest accessories; your makeup.

Whether you decide to have a friend do your makeup or hire a professional makeup artist make sure to have a “trial run” to test out different looks.  I would suggest taking pictures of the makeup looks and then deciding which look you like best. Chances are if it looks good in your photographs it will look fantastic with professional photography.

Below are some of the hottest looks for 2012!

Bold Lips:

A beautiful red lip is timeless! Just make sure to pair it with a nude lid and cheek and don’t forget the black liner and lashes!

Red lipstick is tricky so I would go to your local makeup counter you can try on different lipsticks to find the perfect shade.  Most makeup counters with a small purchase will even give you a mini makeover.  What better way to try on a different look without having to purchase everything?

Smoky Eye:

To me, the smoky eye will always be a trend I love.  Of course gray shadows in various shades and black liner can create this look.  If you decide on a smoky eye choose a more neutral shade of lipstick so you don’t look overdone.

Kim Kardashian always does a really beautiful and dramatic smoky eye.  It may be too much for every day but is a great look for a wedding!

 Don’t be afraid of using color to create a smoky eye! And don’t forget the false eye lashes!

Flawless and Natural:

If you normally don’t wear a lot of makeup, I wouldn’t choose a look that you will not be comfortable with.  Even though you want a more natural look you can still find makeup that will highlight your features.

Just because you want a more natural look it doesn’t mean you have to wear brown eyeshadow. How gorgeous is this green shadow?

Berry, Berry Gorgeous:

Berry shades look great on most skin tones and give you a very romantic look. Pair it with a soft berry or peach lip and cheek to finish the look.

Which look do you like best?


Signature Drinks

Signature drinks are one of the best ways to make your wedding unique!   Whether you are having an alcoholic bar or non-alcoholic bar…serving one of your favorite drinks or even a drink in your wedding colors is a fun way to treat your guests.  I have listed below some of my favorite drink ideas.  With many of these drinks you can leave out the alcohol and still serve a great non-alcoholic beverage for your wedding.  I love the idea of taking one of these drinks and naming it something special (try smashing up your name with your fiancés last name and see what you get)!

If you are having an outside wedding, a cute idea is to have a signature drink served before the ceremony.  Your guests can sip on a refreshing drink handpicked by you.  If you decide to do this, I would suggest having a non-alcoholic drink so that all of your guests can enjoy during the ceremony and have an alcoholic drink served after the ceremony!

Maui Sipper: 


Go Go Girl:


Crantucket Mojito

  • 1.5 oz. Myers’s
    Platinum Rum (25 oz. per bottle)
  • 1 oz. Stirrings
    Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mixer (32 oz. per bottle)
  • 1 tablespoon(s)
    Stirrings Cosmopolitan Rimmer
  • 1 sprig(s) mint
  • 1 cup(s) ice
  • 1.5 oz. Stirrings
    Mojito Cocktail Mixer (32 oz. per bottle)


Pina Colada Martini:



  • 1 oz. Tanqueray
    Ten Gin (25 oz. per bottle)
  • .5 oz. crème de
  • 1 oz. pineapple
  • 1 pineapple wedge
  • 1 slice(s)
    seasonal fruit


If you have a fun signature drink you would like to share we would love to hear about it!!

Happy Planning!

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Questions to Ask Possible Wedding Venues

Before you go to any venue it is best to be prepared with a list of questions.  I hope to give you a detailed list of questions to ask to help in your venue search.  Asking the right questions before you decide on a particular venue can prevent any surprise costs during the planning process!

1.       How much is the facility rental fee? Is there a food and beverage minimum or guest minimum I must have for certain days/times?

2.       What if anything is included in the facility rental fee?  If the venue provides tables and chairs make sure to ask how many of each and the sizes of the tables.  If you may use more than the allotted number of tables and chairs make sure to ask if there would there be additional costs of renting chairs and/or tables. (As a side note 60” round tables will seat 10 people and 72” rounds will seat 12 people).

3.       Is there a separate ceremony fee?  What is included? (Chairs, audio visual?)  Is there a back-up plan for the ceremony?  If there is make sure you will not be too disappointed if you have to use it!

4.       How many people can you fit comfortably for seated dinner? What is your maximum capacity without chairs?   Make sure to use the word “comfortably”.  Many venues can fit more people in the reception room than would be comfortable for your guests.

5.       How many hours are included in the room fee?  Does that include setup and breakdown? Who handles the setup and breakdown?  Try to look for a venue that handles all setup and breakdown of the tables and chairs.

6.       Will there be a facility coordinator?  Will someone be there to coordinate vendors and ceremony on the day of and coordinate the rehearsal the day before?  If the venue does not provide one you may want to look at hiring a wedding coordinator to at least run the day of.  This helps lessen the stress on you and your family on the wedding day. (I will have another blog on wedding planners later!)

7.       Do they have a preferred vendors list?  If you use those vendors do you receive any perks for using their preferred vendor?  Are you allowed to bring in outside vendors?

8.       Can you bring in an outside caterer?  If not, will there be a menu tasting?  If the facility has an on-site chef make sure they provide the dinnerware, flatware and all serving utensils.

9.       What type of bars do you offer?  Many times you are not allowed to bring in outside alcohol.  If a venue provides the alcohol they will handle all of the permits and liability.  Make sure they provide the bartenders and ask if there are additional charges for the number of bartenders.  Also make sure there are no hidden fees such as wine corking as well as whether they provide a sparkling cider or champagne toast included in the fees.

10.   Do they have adequate parking?  This can be a very expensive detail that many brides overlook. Make sure to ask this question!  Some venues partner with local hotels so make sure to ask if they provide free shuttles or any discounts.

11.   How many weddings can you have on one day?

12.   Are there any additional fees?  Gratuities, tips, etc I should be aware of?

Lastly make sure to ask each potential venue for a sample contract before leaving.  That way you can review the contract and ask any follow up questions if needed.

I hope this helps in your venue search. Make sure to check out if you are still on the search for a venue.  It is an all-inclusive facility that would be happy to schedule a tour and answer all of these questions for you!  You can click on the pricing tab or the cost calculator to get more detailed information about this beautiful garden venue.

If you know of any questions that helped you in your search please comment and let us know.

Happy Planning!