Pretty as “Pie”: Great ways to Serve Pie at your Wedding

So many brides and grooms don’t like the taste of cake but want to have the traditional wedding cake served for their guests.  If you feel the same way, there are other ways to incorporate a variety of desserts for your guests (and you) to choose from.  One of the most popular ways to do this is by having a dessert bar or station with an assortment of desserts…. and you can’t have a dessert bar without pie!

Pies are perfect for a dessert bar and the best part is that you can offer a variety of flavors.  One of the ways to modernize serving pie is to make a mini version.  Stack them on a tower for a beautiful presentation. Some brides are even using this instead of serving cake.

Mini pies are also great favors and you can even make them yourself.  They can be made in to small mason jars where guests can take them home to warm and eat later! Yum!!

Pie-pops are a new way of serving pie which is basically pie on a stick similar to a lollipop.    These also make great favors when wrapped in cellophane.

What do you think about having pie at your wedding? Do you like the idea of pie pops?

Let us know!

Happy Planning!

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Burlap and Lace Wedding

At first thought this may seem like an unlikely pairing but after seeing it together I am in love with this combination.  Something about the rough, woodsy feeling of burlap and the soft, elegant feel of lace go together perfectly.

I think this combination works best if the bride incorporates lace in to her wedding attire.  That doesn’t mean you have to wear an entire lace dress but incorporating it in to your veil, head piece, gloves or even sash would be the perfect way to pull this theme together.

There are so many different ways to have a burlap and lace wedding. Here are some inspiration photos and ideas to make this combination look beautiful together.

For the flowers, try tying burlap around the bridesmaids bouquets and tying the bridal bouquet with lace and burlap to give the perfect touch of both in the flowers.

Burlap and lace make beautiful table runners or chair ties for your guest tables and is such an easy and simple way to add to your theme.

You can also tie lace or burlap around the vases for your flowers.

Favor boxes with a burlap flower give is a beautiful gift to give your guests.

Another touch are these amazing lace lanterns, these are a great DIY project!

The wedding cake can even mimic the lace on your dress!

If you want to have a cupcake wedding cake, these cupcakes would be perfect!

I hope these ideas and pictures have given your the inspiration to have your own burlap and lace wedding!

Happy Planning!

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Unique Ways to Display Photographs at Your Wedding

A great way to make your wedding personal and intimate is to display personal photographs!  Of course you can use framed pictures and place them around your reception (some use pictures on a mantle, escort card table, etc) but I have found some creative ways you can display your pictures that all of your guests will love.

One idea is instead of using frames you place pictures in mason jars.

If you don’t like mason jars or that doesn’t fit the style of your wedding any glass vase will work and give the same look.  Or you can take the pictures and cut them to form a cool shape…like a circle or a heart.  So cute!

If you are having a vintage theme, plates with black and white photos are a fun way to display old photographs.

You can still use frames in different shapes and sizes and hang them with ribbon.  Love!

Another idea is to have someone take Polaroids (or you can rent a photo booth) and have guests hang their pictures during the event.  Not only does this look awesome but it also makes every guest a part of the celebration. Who doesn’t love that?

A few ideas I saw for displaying pictures in a home but I think these would also be great for a wedding! Frames and wire or ribbon make a beautiful display!

What do you think about these ways to display your photographs for a wedding?  Let us know!

Happy Planning!

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