Wedding Theme: Over the Rainbow!

With St. Patty’s day approaching I couldn’t think of a better wedding theme to feature than an “Over the Rainbow” theme.  If you can’t decide on your wedding colors why not use all the colors of the rainbow?  At first, you may be a little scared that a rainbow themed wedding would be cheesy.  I guess that depends on your taste and how far you want to take the theme.  I think small hints of rainbow can be beautiful and very romantic.

If you are having an “Over the Rainbow” theme the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire and flowers are a great way to show off all the colors of the rainbow.

Have each bridesmaid choose a different color of the rainbow and choose coordinating bouquets.  I think it makes for original and standout pictures.

You can have the groomsmen match each girl with a different colored tie or just have the color they wear come out in their boutonnieres.

Since this theme has so many colors, I would suggest keeping the linens for the reception very simple.  That way the flowers can pop on the tables and speak for themselves.

The cake can be very traditional with a variety of rainbow colors once the cake is cut.  This makes for a great presentation for the guests.

A dessert or candy buffet is also a subtle yet great way to use your color scheme.

Obviously, I know this theme is not for every bride!! This theme has to fit your personality in order to work.  I just want to make sure you open your eyes to all of the wonderful themes and possibilities that can come out of one idea… the simple idea of a rainbow!

Happy Planning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Teal and Pink Wedding Colors

I have a confession…I have never been a huge fan of pink at weddings.  My distaste for pink probably comes from seeing so many overdone pink weddings. I have seen brides use pink everywhere… linens, pink dresses, pink lights, pink flowers (you get the picture) but I have to admit I am in love with pink paired with teal.  It is a fabulous color combination for a garden, beach or formal affair!

When choosing pink and teal for your wedding colors I would also suggest choosing a white or ivory to soften such a bold color combination.

If you are having a more formal affair, lighting in a soft pink or even teal will add glamour to the reception.

Look how changing the boldness of the pink completely changes the “feel” for the wedding?  So vintage and beautiful!

You can even throw in hints of purple and red in the flowers to give it a different look.

It even looks ah-mazing to use green accents (like the below vases) as a complimentary color to the teal and pink!

These gorgeous invitations are the perfect way to show off your color scheme before the wedding!

What do you think of pink and teal for wedding colors?  We would love to hear your comments!


DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

As much as I love flowers, I know they can be expensive.  It is amazing how quickly your flower budget can increase.  This is especially true when you find out the tall centerpieces that you “can’t live without” are $250 EACH! Something like that can bust your budget and your spirits.  One of the easiest ways to save money on flowers is to create your own centerpieces.  You may not be able to recreate the $250 centerpieces on your own but with a little creativity you can make your own centerpieces and only have to purchase a few of the to-die-for centerpieces.  For example, instead of purchasing the tall centerpieces for all of your tables only buy 3 or 5 centerpieces and create DIY centerpieces for the remaining tables. Here are a few of my favorite DIY centerpieces.

You have probably seen DIY centerpieces with fruit.  Fruit is a great inexpensive way to bring color and dimension without a lot of cost.  I saw the centerpiece below using grapes and apples on a cake stand with a few orchids.  I thought it was a easy DIY centerpiece that you could change to reflect your wedding.  You can choose a colored cake stand or even tie a ribbon in your matching wedding color and it would change the entire look.

Another idea is to use lanterns.  Lanterns come in many different shapes and sizes and make a stunning centerpiece.  You can choose the color of the candle and even embellish it with a few stems of flowers.  I love the colored votives in the picture below.  It adds the perfect pop of color.

Another idea is bird cages!  I love the vintage feel and using fresh flowers and candles at the base of the bird cage is so elegant.

If you want to stay away from flowers all together then the idea below might be perfect for you.  Especially if you are having a rustic wedding!

Start collecting your cans now!! There are some absolutely gorgeous ways you can decorate simple paint cans.  You can even decide to leave them as they are and put a few inexpensive wildflowers in them.

Check out the table arch below.  You probably can’t do this for every table but how amazing would this look above the bride and groom?

Branches are a great way to add some drama.  You can save lots of money by picking up the branches yourself.  Branches are great for rustic weddings and you can even paint them to give off a totally different feeling.

If you are having a beach wedding why not use the elements that make up a beach?  Shells, sand, etc all in a glass vase is a perfect centerpiece.

For all of my eco-friendly brides potted plants are perfect as centerpieces.  This DIY project uses socks over the vase to create this pattern.  How genius? Plus, these make great gifts for guests to go home with.

I hope these ideas have sparked your creativity to make your own centerpieces.  In the end, you may end up loving your handmade centerpieces more than the expensive ones!

Happy Planning!