Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

For the longest time bridesmaid dresses were undesirable. The fit was awful, the colors were hideous and the material made it a dress that you would never wear again!   Today all of that is changing.  Brides are giving their girls more freedom to choose a dress that they not only feel comfortable in but also a dress they look fabulous in.

One of the newest trends in bridesmaid fashion is floral printed bridesmaid dresses!  This ultra girly, vintage style dress is perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding and looks great for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

For an evening wedding or a more formal affair choose a floral maxi dress.  The length adds a touch of elegance and with the right fabric can be absolutely breathtaking.

If you want a bold look to your bridesmaids dresses, have your girls choose different colors and floral patterns.  If you decide on this look, a great way to pull it all together is to choose a more simple bridesmaid bouquet that is the same for all of the girls.

We want to know your thoughts on this ultra feminine bridesmaid dress trend.  Leave us your comments!

Happy Planning!

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Fashion Accessory: Bridal Hats

A few weeks ago at Glendalough Manor a bride wore a show-stopping top hat to the reception with her bridal gown. I couldn’t help but admire her guts to wear such a fashion forward and incredibly unique accessory on her wedding day. The pictures below are the closest thing I could find to her bridal hat.   I will be posting pictures soon of the wedding at Glendalough Manor and her incredible hat!

If you think that this trend is too fashion forward or too bold for your style you may want to think again.  There are so many bridal hats to choose from depending on your individual taste and style.  You can choose a small dainty hat or a large avant-garde hat but either way wearing a hat on your wedding day is a unique.

Take a look at these more simple hats with different adornments including feathers and birdcage veils that can be worn for the ceremony.  Simple and elegant but also unique!

Or you can always choose to forgo the hat for the ceremony (especially if it is large) and wear it for the reception!  Guests will go gaga over the dramatic change in how you look!

As I was looking for pictures of bridal hats I started to really love this trend.  Maybe I am a sucker for anything different but I have to say I would totally rock a hat if I was getting married again! Take a look at some of these dramatic and jaw dropping hats!

I love how these hats look like real flowers!!

One of my favorites is the hat below…just gorgeous!

What do you think about bridal hats?

Would you wear one?  We want to know!

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