DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

As much as I love flowers, I know they can be expensive.  It is amazing how quickly your flower budget can increase.  This is especially true when you find out the tall centerpieces that you “can’t live without” are $250 EACH! Something like that can bust your budget and your spirits.  One of the easiest ways to save money on flowers is to create your own centerpieces.  You may not be able to recreate the $250 centerpieces on your own but with a little creativity you can make your own centerpieces and only have to purchase a few of the to-die-for centerpieces.  For example, instead of purchasing the tall centerpieces for all of your tables only buy 3 or 5 centerpieces and create DIY centerpieces for the remaining tables. Here are a few of my favorite DIY centerpieces.

You have probably seen DIY centerpieces with fruit.  Fruit is a great inexpensive way to bring color and dimension without a lot of cost.  I saw the centerpiece below using grapes and apples on a cake stand with a few orchids.  I thought it was a easy DIY centerpiece that you could change to reflect your wedding.  You can choose a colored cake stand or even tie a ribbon in your matching wedding color and it would change the entire look.

Another idea is to use lanterns.  Lanterns come in many different shapes and sizes and make a stunning centerpiece.  You can choose the color of the candle and even embellish it with a few stems of flowers.  I love the colored votives in the picture below.  It adds the perfect pop of color.

Another idea is bird cages!  I love the vintage feel and using fresh flowers and candles at the base of the bird cage is so elegant.

If you want to stay away from flowers all together then the idea below might be perfect for you.  Especially if you are having a rustic wedding!

Start collecting your cans now!! There are some absolutely gorgeous ways you can decorate simple paint cans.  You can even decide to leave them as they are and put a few inexpensive wildflowers in them.

Check out the table arch below.  You probably can’t do this for every table but how amazing would this look above the bride and groom?

Branches are a great way to add some drama.  You can save lots of money by picking up the branches yourself.  Branches are great for rustic weddings and you can even paint them to give off a totally different feeling.

If you are having a beach wedding why not use the elements that make up a beach?  Shells, sand, etc all in a glass vase is a perfect centerpiece.

For all of my eco-friendly brides potted plants are perfect as centerpieces.  This DIY project uses socks over the vase to create this pattern.  How genius? Plus, these make great gifts for guests to go home with.

I hope these ideas have sparked your creativity to make your own centerpieces.  In the end, you may end up loving your handmade centerpieces more than the expensive ones!

Happy Planning!


Gifts for Out of Town Guests!

Most out of town guests travel a long way and make special arrangements to see you get married.  A great way to say thank you is to surprise them with a gift basket or bag filled with goodies for their stay.  These gift bags can be as simple or elaborate as you would like and are a great DIY project.  These bags usually don’t take a lot of effort to make but will mean a lot to your guests.

First, decide what you would like to put your gifts in…..a personalized bag, a box, basket or even a mini box or suitcase.  Also think about your wedding and if there is a theme or an aspect of your wedding that is unique.  The best gift bags will not only be a treat for your guests but give them a taste of what’s to come for your wedding. Lastly,  you will need to decide on the items to go in your bag that will compliment your theme. Below are some examples and tips of items for your out of town guests.

A beach themed wedding bag can include sunscreen, flip flops, chap stick, towels, and a bottle of water all in a basket weave tote or beach bag.

If you don’t have a theme for your wedding, you can make the out of town bag all about the state you are getting married in.  For example, if you are getting married in Atlanta you can include a bottle of coke , a varsity hat, peanuts, peaches, or any of the Georgia themed snacks below.

These bags are a perfect addition to a state themed gift bag for out of town guests!

I would always suggest putting in a few snacks and drinks for them to enjoy.  Especially since they are traveling and may get hungry along their trip.

An idea I love is to include a hangover kit to include a bottle of water, some headache medicine, antacid and a cover for their eyes! Too cute and how easy is this to make?

A great way to personalize your gift “bag” is to include a map and an itinerary.  In the itinerary include activities for the wedding and also things to do in the area before and after the wedding (places to eat, shop, visit, etc.)! If you want to save money, you can always include a regular map of the city and print out your own itinerary.

I hope these ideas have helped you choose gifts for your out of town guests!

Happy Planning!


2012 Wedding Trend: Ombre!

Ombre is a french word meaning shaded or graduated in color. Up until a few weeks ago I had heard this word in fashion but never paid too much attention to it, until I posted the picture of the ombre petal aisle runner mentioned in our blog Unique Aisle Runners.  For weddings you will start seeing this trend in wedding cakes, linens, flowers and even wedding dresses.  If you want a monochromatic color scheme, using an ombre pattern will give more of an edge to your single color tones.

My suggestion would be to go to your local hardware or paint store and start choosing paint swatches in the colors you like best. Most paint swatches are displayed from the lightest to darkest shade (ombre) so it will be easier to choose some of the color combinations you love.

One of the most popular ways you may see ombre at a wedding is with the wedding cake!

Sometimes the inside of the wedding cake will also be in an ombre pattern with multiple flavors in each layer.  Just another way to add to this Ombre themed wedding!

Flowers are another way to use an ombre pattern from lightest to darkest on the tables.  I think long estate tables really make this look pop!

I love the idea of renting or even making your own ombre runners to compliment the floral centerpieces.

And don’t forget about the fashion to match!  Bridesmaid can be in dresses of varying shades ranging from lightest to darkest.  Just make sure if you choose to do ombre dresses to make the bouquets very simple or it can be too much!

Some of these inspiration photos I have found are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see more ombre weddings!

I know this trend isn’t for every bride but I would love to hear what you think about the ombre themed wedding!