Trash your wedding dress!

There is a new trend lurking around.. Not for the faint of heart…

Trash your wedding dress.          Wait did you say trash your dress? Yes I did.

Mmmkay so let’s face it.. Your daughter is not really going to wear your wedding dress 25 years from now (ok well maybe she will..haha).  So another option of using that special dress (and getting to wear it ONE more time!) is have a whole seperate day for yet another photoshoot, starring you.

 The added bonus is, not only can you stop worrying about detracting from the actual wedding day, but you can have actually have fun (no chin-down-tilt-your-face-to-the-left-fingers-together-crap, today)!

Go somewhere different~ If you like cemetaries, go run around that; or if beaches or lakes or more your thing, get an awesome shoot with you floating in the water:) Or do a photoshoot at your first date, whether its a  restaurant, a drive in movie theater, or whatever…. Think about this: How cute would pictures of you and your new hubby eating at your favorite sushi restaurant be?? Umm people might look but dang, it would be cute!

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