What Does Your Wedding Dress Say About You?

Ah!  Your wedding dress.  One of the most important details of your wedding day!  Just like your everyday sense of fashion, your wedding dress says a lot about your personality and personal style.  Check out these AMAZING wedding gowns and what they reveal about your personality!

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Photo Provided by Katie Jane Photography

Sweet and romantic, this dress shows your sensitivity with a little mystery behind that sheer lace!

Photo Provided by Caroline Tran Photographer/White by Vera Wang

Gwen Stefani and Jessica Biel did it…the colored dress!  This takes guts but if it is pulled off, it is spectacular!

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The sweet, romantic, goddess dress.  This style says that you are laid back yet beautiful!

Photo Provided by Danielle Poff

The modest dress!  Weather to cover up a tattoo, cleavage or for religious reasons, this is the perfect type of modest dress.


Traditional, sweetheart neckline with a little added interest and angles says that you like to be traditional but with a twist.  This dress says that although you play by the rules, you don’t take yourself too seriously!

Photo Provided by Adonye Jaja Photography/Anna Bé/Carolina Herrera

Not your typical princess dress!  This shows your princess style but the sheer covered neckline and the gold inlay on the tulle adds a layer of interest and a little touch of av avant garde!

Photo Provided by Kristen Booth

The sexy dress!

Photo Provided by Chris Nicholls

The vintage/royal dress!  This shows that you are both modest yet classy with a touch of royalty.

Photo Provided by Lizelle Lotter
Photo Provided by Katie Stoops Photography

I can’t get enough of the blush dress!  Who says your wedding dress has to be white.  If you have a little spunk and you are a bit girly, pink is the perfect wedding day color for you!

Photo Provided by Blush Wedding Photography

Last but not least…the bow!  There is nothing more girly, romantic or classic than a bow.  And to top it of with a low back with embellished straps just takes it to the next level!

Bridesmaids Dresses In A Whole New Light!!

2014 is all about color, fun and breaking the rules!  For years and years, bridesmaids dresses have been pretty “safe”; staying true to the old tradition that a bridesmaid’s dress should not steal the show or be sexy in anyway.  Times are changing and accepting the position of a bridesmaid no longer goes hand and hand with spending a ton of money on bad dresses that nobody looks good in!  As our traditions and attitude towards your most important wedding accessories (your bridesmaids), brides are opened up to the idea of choosing a dress that suites everyone in the bridal party rather than sticking to one look.  This evolution not only makes it more fun to be a bridesmaid but it adds spunk and personality to your wedding.

Now, I know not every bride is open to going outside tradition and there is something special about that.  Luckily, there are several styles emerging that have fun twist on tradition while keeping it fresh and new!  These trends are stunning and I am so excited to see such fun and color in this upcoming season!

Photo Provided by  Ariane Moshayedi Photography
Photo Provided by Ariane Moshayedi Photography
Photo Provided by Sun and Sparrow
Photo Provided by Sun and Sparrow

Sequence….that’s right, I said sequence!!!  Paired with the right hair, flowers and accessories, this is a game changer in the wedding world and I LOVE it!

Photo Provided by Storyboard Weddings


Mint and short!!  Thankfully, mint is still trending this year because it is the perfect spring and summer color and goes well with almost any color!

Photo Provided by Visit donnamorganblog.com
Photo Provided by Jenna Walker Photographers

Oh Peach!  I just love this color trend for 2014.  It is so beautiful and light and pairing similar colors with different style dresses is sure to please everyone!

Photo Provided by Spindle Photography
Photo Provided by Danielle Snelson

Backless and beautiful!  These dresses are sexy and fun yet still classy.  LOVE!

Photo Provided by Jenny Sun Photography  

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Crocheted Wedding Fashion

It seems that vintage inspired weddings are sticking around for a little longer…which is okay with me because I absolutely love it!  When we hear crocheted and weddings in the same sentence, thoughts of doilies and teapots come to mind.  However, the up and coming trend of crocheted wedding fashion is on the rise!  Beautiful, hand made couture wedding gowns have been most recently seen on the runway  by Oscar De La Renta where it was displayed to perfection.  Since then, these stunning designs have been seen all over the wedding industry and are sure to add that personal touch that most brides are missing from their wedding gowns.

From simple to lavish, these looks are just a sneak peak of the possibilities of crochet!!

Gia Canali via 100 Layer Cake

 Crocheted with a hue of Apple Green showing through!

Photo Provided by Gary Guy

 Royal and luxurious look perfect for an elegant English garden wedding!

Photo Provided by Tessa Barton photography

I love this simple, romantic crocheted style…simply beautiful!

Photo Provided by Gary Guy


Photo Provided by Tessa Barton photography

Full length shot of that simple, romantic gown!

Photo Provided by DNA Photographers

“It is made only for her with love for the love of her life” ~Glendalough Manor

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful designs as much as we did!

Happy Planning!