10 Wedding Trends We Don’t Mind Sticking Around!

I find the wedding world fascinating when I step back and take an objective look every so often!  An ever – changing industry with different trends popping up everywhere.  Some stick around, others get the boot quickly.  For those that are here to stay, I have chosen a few of my favorites that I hope will be part of our wedding world for many more seasons to come!

Take a peak!

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Gourmet Popcorn Stations

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Catchy Chalkboard Signs!

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Blinged Out Shoes!

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Flower – Filled Terrariums!

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Dresses With Pockets!

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Fancy Drink Stations!

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Colorful Mixed Bouquets!


The Behind The Door “First Touch”



Cute Kid Table Ideas

Fruit In Your Wedding Decor?

When it comes to wedding trends, they come and go then come and go again.  Trends don’t have to be followed but it is difficult to ignore them in our era of Pinterest and social media.  People want to keep up with the times as well as save as much money as they can on their weddings.  Besides food and alcohol, flowers can be one of the high priced ticket categories when planning your wedding.  Luckily, fruit in weddings is making a huge comeback and I am not mad at that!  With it’s naturally vibrant colors and dimensions, it is an easy and inexpensive way to bring a pop of color to your wedding day.

So, how do you incorporate fruit in your wedding without it being cheesy and predictable?

1. Use it whole, tucked inside centerpieces and bouquets.

2. Cut it in half to expose a different shade on the inside and usually a more bold color.  Just make sure when you do this, that you apply the appropriate amount of citric acid to avoid drying out.  A good idea is to keep a spray bottle on hand with warm water and lemon juice and spray frequently to keep the fruit hydrated.

3. Using small fruit such as dark cherries, ripe blueberries and huckleberries is a great way to get that “hanging” look which can mimic some of the most expensive flowers.

4.  Use fruit in a BIG way:  instead of a predictable finger food station, create a farmers market feel and include baskets of fruit for guests to enjoy.  Also, creating a specialty cocktail with beautiful fruit is a show stopper!

Enjoy these ideas!

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Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Chalkboards are an essential decor item for a rustic or vintage wedding.  There are so many great details that can be made out of chalkboards and many of these details can be DIY projects.   Here are a few of our favorites.

Give your guests a sneak peek of your theme with a chalkboard inspired wedding invitation!

Photo provided by Emmaline Bride

Forget about programs and have one large chalkboard with all of your ceremony details. Don’t forget to include your wedding hash tag for social media sites.

Photo provided by IBF Studios

Of course chalkboards are great for directional signs so guests can find their way to the ceremony or reception location.

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Chalkboards are also perfect for informational signs.  Especially for food or bar stations.   If you don’t have the best handwriting there are many local artists that specialize in hand made custom chalkboards!

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Small chalkboards are great for little details throughout the wedding like these chalkboard table numbers, place cards or my favorite idea of drink labels!

Photo provided by Love vs Design
Photo provided by Emmaline Bride

Which chalkboard idea is your favorite?  Will you have chalkboards at your wedding?

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