Hello Boho Wedding!

I find it fascinating that the wedding, fashion and design worlds are so parallel!  What’s hot in the interior design world feeds off all that is going on in fashion and then seems to make its way into the wedding world.  This is why I am very enthusiastic about pulling your wedding inspiration from anywhere.  It could be a really cool restaurant that you visited in an amazing town or a friends house that is decorated to perfection.  Or it could be your favorite printed sweater of headband that inspires what your wedding day will look like.  If you want a unique wedding that reflects your taste, don’t be afraid and don’t over look the magic around you.

Right now, the boho chic/aztec style is for sure my favorite concept.  Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate this fresh style into your wedding.


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Paper Cranes and 7 Ways To Use Them In Your Wedding!

Paper cranes have grown in popularity as an addition to wedding decor perhaps due to their symbolism.  Since Ancient China, the crane bird has and continues to represent eternal happiness and youth.  Who wouldn’t want that as part of their wedding day?!  As themes are starting to disappear, we are seeing more couples focusing on achieving an overall feeling for their special day rather than sticking to a certain color scheme or played out theme.  Blending different ideas, cultures, decor and hands on elements is a great way to make your wedding represent who you are as a couple!

Here are 7 fantastic and beautiful ways to incorporate paper cranes into your wedding decor.

Happy Planning and Pinning!

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A few paper cranes over the centerpieces or an extravagant crane chandelier!





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The perfect place card display!

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A stunning back drop!


Use love stories!


Pretty paper from the craft store for a vibrant look!

Magical Ceremonies!

I am a huge supporter in personal style especially when it comes to your wedding.  You want your wedding to reflect you and your man’s personalities and taste.  I am all for a wedding ceremony full of simplicity and rusticity.  However, I have to say that I get captivated by the occasional magical ceremony that comes along.  Over the top, extraordinary ceremonies are not a regular occurrence but when they do happen, you can’t help but to take notice.  

This is all about magical and over the top ceremonies because who doesn’t want a little magic in their life?!


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Jeremy Harwell is an AMAZING photographer that we have had the pleasure of working with at Glendalough!



This looks like something off the Bachelor!



Photo Provided by Mark Anthony Chen

How can you not love an enchanted forest for the most romantic back drop?


I HAD to throw in one of my favorite ceremonies at Glendalough!!  So beautiful:)