Paper Cranes and 7 Ways To Use Them In Your Wedding!

Paper cranes have grown in popularity as an addition to wedding decor perhaps due to their symbolism.  Since Ancient China, the crane bird has and continues to represent eternal happiness and youth.  Who wouldn’t want that as part of their wedding day?!  As themes are starting to disappear, we are seeing more couples focusing on achieving an overall feeling for their special day rather than sticking to a certain color scheme or played out theme.  Blending different ideas, cultures, decor and hands on elements is a great way to make your wedding represent who you are as a couple!

Here are 7 fantastic and beautiful ways to incorporate paper cranes into your wedding decor.

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A few paper cranes over the centerpieces or an extravagant crane chandelier!





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The perfect place card display!

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A stunning back drop!


Use love stories!


Pretty paper from the craft store for a vibrant look!


Plated meal vs. buffet, formal vs. informal, full bar vs. soda bar?  These are all decisions that you will be faced with when preparing for your wedding.  So many rules and the pressure to follow wedding etiquette can be overwhelming I know.  Just keep in mind and rest easy knowing that it is 2014 and traditions and etiquette can be broken without judgement!  Yay for you!  When it comes to reception decor and adding a touch of class, your choices can be limited.  I however, think that breaking one rule is well worth it!  Chargers!  Adding chargers to your reception tables can make a huge statement.  You see, in the South, it is more common to see a buffet style dinner rather than a sit down plated meal.  Chargers are simply a larger, decorative plate that sits under the salad plate but is actually not used to eat on.  Usually the charger remains on the table until after the salad plate is cleared.  Once the dinner plate is served, the charger is then removed  from the table.  Sounds like a lot of trouble right?  Well, check out these beautiful chargers and you will see that they may be well worth it.

We partner with BBJ Linens, a nation wide linen company that has recently added a stunning collection of chargers to their inventory!

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Wedding Decor: Creative Draping Ideas

Draping is an easy way to transform a space from average to awesome! If you want to hide ugly ceilings and walls or just make a space more romantic, look at draping the space.  White or ivory draping is the most popular color and is seen at many wedding ceremonies.  Although I still love the classic white draping, you can choose colored draping for a modern look.  Take a look at this pale peach draping for a twist on the traditional white used to accentuate the doors in to the ceremony location.

Photo provided by Weddingity

Don’t be afraid of color for the ceremony! I love this bold yellow paired paired with white to soften such a bright color.

Photo provided by The Every Last Detail

For a rustic outdoor wedding look at using burlap draped around the ceremony.

Photo provided by One Wed

Of course draping is gorgeous for the cocktail hour and reception as well as the ceremony.  I love the colored draping to transform your venue in to a modern atmosphere.

Photo provided by I Love SW Mag
Photo provided by Wedding Plannin

Look at this amazing orange draping!  You don’t need any other decor with this bold backdrop!

Photo provided by Vail Colorado Weddings

Tents can be boring but with draping you can enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful environment.  As an added tip make sure to add beautiful lighting to complete the space.

Photo provided by We Heart It

Do you love this colored draping?  Or do you prefer the classic white draping?

We would love to hear your thoughts!

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