I love searching for the best wedding images on Pinterest and various sites!!!!  Often, I come across the most adorable shots taken during weddings and I always want to share them….so, here they are!  


Photo Provided by Studio Cabrelli
Photo Provided by Jeramie Lu Photography
Photo Provided by alexanevents

Cute idea to “walk down memory lane”!

Photo Provided by Waller Wedding Photography
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Photo Provided by Viera Photographics
Photo Provided by JoPhoto
Photo provided by Landon Jacob Productions

Uh oh!  Some little girl’s parent’s are in trouble!


You think kids are cute at weddings?  Grandparents are some of the cutest participants in a wedding:)

Honey Heart Photography

Just a bit of cuteness to brighten your day!

Happy Planning!


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Rehearsal Dinner Ideas: ISLAND TROPIC!



I LOVE MOVING CENTERPIECES!!! This is an easy and fun way to get that tropical feel.

 Here is a table display that really sets the bar!




LOVE LOVE LOVE those tall wine glasses! However you decorate just make sure it’s fun, and (most importantly), YOU!!!