Cute Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids!

So the love of your life got down on one knee and asked you to be his wife!  Congratulations on the beginning of your lives together.  There is however, one more proposal to make.  You know you have always dreamt of your best friends and family standing at the altar in support of your big day.  Now that you have chosen your bridesmaids, how do you ask them in a way that will be special and memorable?

Here are some cute ways to propose to your bridesmaids!



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Once you have asked your bridesmaids and they accept, it’s time to spoil them!  I love this custom perfume bar set up for the bridal suite on wedding day as a special touch for your girls.


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Happy Planning!

Bridesmaids Dresses In A Whole New Light!!

2014 is all about color, fun and breaking the rules!  For years and years, bridesmaids dresses have been pretty “safe”; staying true to the old tradition that a bridesmaid’s dress should not steal the show or be sexy in anyway.  Times are changing and accepting the position of a bridesmaid no longer goes hand and hand with spending a ton of money on bad dresses that nobody looks good in!  As our traditions and attitude towards your most important wedding accessories (your bridesmaids), brides are opened up to the idea of choosing a dress that suites everyone in the bridal party rather than sticking to one look.  This evolution not only makes it more fun to be a bridesmaid but it adds spunk and personality to your wedding.

Now, I know not every bride is open to going outside tradition and there is something special about that.  Luckily, there are several styles emerging that have fun twist on tradition while keeping it fresh and new!  These trends are stunning and I am so excited to see such fun and color in this upcoming season!

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Photo Provided by Sun and Sparrow

Sequence….that’s right, I said sequence!!!  Paired with the right hair, flowers and accessories, this is a game changer in the wedding world and I LOVE it!

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Mint and short!!  Thankfully, mint is still trending this year because it is the perfect spring and summer color and goes well with almost any color!

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Oh Peach!  I just love this color trend for 2014.  It is so beautiful and light and pairing similar colors with different style dresses is sure to please everyone!

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Backless and beautiful!  These dresses are sexy and fun yet still classy.  LOVE!

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Happy Planning!

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you wanting something different for your bachelorette party?  If you said yes, you aren’t alone.  So many brides are foregoing the traditional dinner and bar hopping for a bachelorette party that better fits their personality.  When planning a bachelorette party you will want to keep the brides wishes in mind. Whether that is a wild night on the town or something more subdued, her opinion matters the most.   Here are a few unique bachelorette ideas that are sure to be lots of fun!

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Mini vacations are always a great way to celebrate a bride.  Look at going on a 3 day cruise if you are within driving distance to a local port.  They are usually fairly inexpensive plus all-inclusive.  It’s a great choice for a bachelorette party since you can enjoy the sun, shows and night clubs all in one place! If you are too far to drive to a cruise port, try a girls only camping trip enjoying hiking and bonfires with s’mores.

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Look at different classes offered in your area.  If the bride enjoys dancing try a belly dancing class.

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For an adventurous bride, look at trapeze lessons!  How fun would this be to learn from experts how to fly on the trapeze!?

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Even a yoga class can be a great way to relieve some stress and get in shape at the same time. Follow this up with a healthy lunch and a day of pampering!

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Sports can be a great way to bond as bridesmaids.   Look at training together to run a 5K or 10K race for a good cause!   If you aren’t much of a runner look at rock climbing or hang gliding as a group.

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Although this idea may not be for everyone it is one of my favorites!! Think about having a photography session with all your bridesmaids.  You can choose any theme you want, but I especially love these pin up girl pictures.  I think half of the fun would be getting ready!

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Which idea is your favorite?  Do you have a unique bachelorette party idea?

We want to know!

Happy Planning!