Creative Ways to Decorate Your Ceremony Altar

Your dream may be to get married outside in a beautiful field or maybe in a spacious garden but it takes something a little extra to dress up your ceremony area if you are getting married outside.  If you don’t have a structure or “altar” where you want to stand for the ceremony you will probably need something to stand beside or under to frame you and your groom during the ceremony.  There are some creative things you can do to make your ceremony altar stand out and I wanted to share some of my favorite and simple ways to transform your ceremony space.

Chandeliers are a great way to dress up a ceremony area.  Especially, if you are getting married where there are beautiful large trees you can hang them from.  Even one large chandelier can totally transform your ceremony area in to an elegant altar to be married beneath.

One of my favorite ideas is to use things in a home to dress up the outside ceremony.  I love the antique doors below that guests can walk through before the ceremony begins!

A DIY idea is to use paper flowers and to build a colorful altar.  You can even use strips of fabric that can be draped and hung to surround the bride and groom.

Stringing lights and lanterns make a beautiful statement especially when they extend over the guests.  Check out the streamers below…who knew they could look so chic and elegant?

And how elegant is using pomander balls hung from long strands of ribbon from a tree. Along with the lights it is purely stunning!

Whatever your style and personality I hope these ideas helped spark your creativity on how to decorate your own ceremony!

Happy Planning!

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