Pretty as “Pie”: Great ways to Serve Pie at your Wedding

So many brides and grooms don’t like the taste of cake but want to have the traditional wedding cake served for their guests.  If you feel the same way, there are other ways to incorporate a variety of desserts for your guests (and you) to choose from.  One of the most popular ways to do this is by having a dessert bar or station with an assortment of desserts…. and you can’t have a dessert bar without pie!

Pies are perfect for a dessert bar and the best part is that you can offer a variety of flavors.  One of the ways to modernize serving pie is to make a mini version.  Stack them on a tower for a beautiful presentation. Some brides are even using this instead of serving cake.

Mini pies are also great favors and you can even make them yourself.  They can be made in to small mason jars where guests can take them home to warm and eat later! Yum!!

Pie-pops are a new way of serving pie which is basically pie on a stick similar to a lollipop.    These also make great favors when wrapped in cellophane.

What do you think about having pie at your wedding? Do you like the idea of pie pops?

Let us know!

Happy Planning!

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