Wedding Advice: Pregnant Bridesmaids

Lots of things may pop up in the planning of the wedding and one of those things may be a pregnant bridesmaid!  As much as you may want everyone to put their lives on hold during your wedding, you have to realize that won’t happen.  No need to worry.  There are so many bridesmaid dresses out there nowadays that accommodating a pregnant bridesmaid is easier than ever.

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First off make sure she is still comfortable being in the wedding.  You should have an idea of her due date and can determine how far along she will be. If she is still on board for the wedding, there are just a few things to consider to make your bridesmaid comfortable in your wedding.  Never tell a bridesmaid she can no longer be in the wedding since she is pregnant….that’s just not right.

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When looking for dresses you don’t have to dress your pregnant bridesmaid in an unflattering dress.  Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t wear a similar dress and style to the other bridesmaids.  Be open to mixing and matching the bridesmaids dresses.  Consider choosing the same fabric and color but a few different styles.

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Also look at choosing dresses with a fabric that stretches around the belly.  You may even want to consider a dress with straps for extra support.

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Photo provided by Wedding Bee

Alterations will be her best friend.  Prepare for alterations the week of the wedding so the dress not only fits her correctly but she feels comfortable as well.

You don’t have to throw out those heels just because of one girl.  Find a lower heel for your pregnant bridesmaid and keep the other girls in the higher heel if you want.  Another great idea is to provide flip flops or flats for all of the girls to wear during the reception.  That way they can all kick back and dance the night away in comfort.

Hope this has helped with what to do with your pregnancy pop up!

Happy Planning!