Set A Romantic Tone With Reception Lighting!!

Flowers, favors, sashes, napkins, china….the obvious choices that brides head straight to once they start planning their weddings.  However, what most people overlook is the power of lighting!  We have seen it all from uplighting (which I wish as popular when I got married) to candles to lanterns in the past few years but THIS is amazing!  Hanging lights over reception tables is so beautiful and making a huge appearance in the wedding scene.  This is such and elegant yet eclectic way to add a different twist to your wedding while keeping that romantic feel!  

Pinterest and Wedding Gawker are such great tools for brides that are planning their wedding.  However, often the trouble with these helpful sites is how you can actually make that vision come to life.  This particular trend can be a tricky one because while it is beautiful, the logistics that go behind pulling of such extravagant lighting can be complicated.  If you are going to use hanging lighting as part of your centerpieces, it would be best if you hired a professional lighting or draping company to handle the set up for you to ensure that it is properly assembled.

Photo Provided by Aaron Delesie
Photo Provided by Aaron Delesie

This is magical!

Photo Provided by  True Photography
Photo Provided by True Photography
Photo Provided by  Caroline Tran
Photo Provided by Caroline Tran

This small setting would work well inside for either a reception or a small bridal shower!

Photo Provided by
Photo Provided by

This is so whimsical yet elegant at the same time.  Who says centerpieces have to always be on the table?

Photo Provided by  Eric Kelley
Photo Provided by Eric Kelley
Photo Provided by Pam Scott
Photo Provided by Kelly Moore Creative
Photo Provided by Braedon Photography
Photo Provided by Mindy Weiss

I just think that these are beautiful!  We hope to see some of these come to life this wedding season!

Happy Planning!