Wedding Day Emergency Kit

If you are getting married and didn’t hire a wedding planner, you should prepare a wedding day emergency kit.  With the right tools this kit will have everything you need in case an “emergency” arises.  I have made a list of the most common items wedding planners bring. You can always buy a pre-made kit, but I think the best kits are the ones you make yourself!

You can use a tool box, bag or makeup case to hold all of your must have items. Just make sure whatever you choose has enough compartments to keep everything organized and readily found in case you need them. Many of these can be found in trial size which is less expensive than the regular size.

Sewing kit (needles and thread in black/white)
Thread  (color of bridesmaid dresses)
Safety pins
Floral Straight pins
Lint Roller
Fashion tape
Floral tape
Spray Deodorant
Baby Powder (great for inside of legs so don’t rub or on wedding dress stains like red wine, ink or lipstick)
Denatured Rubbing Alcohol/ Cotton Swab
Bobby pins
Pads/ Tampons
Ivory Ribbon (in case you need to make a bouquet or boutonniere)
Smelling Salts
Tide To-Go Pen
Peppermints (great for fresh breath and calms nausea)
Extra garter belt
Earring backs
Batteries (AA and AAA)
Sandpaper (slippery shoe bottoms)
Comb and Mirror
Tissues (all those moments that make you cry)
Static Cling or dryer wipes

These items may not solve every problem that arises but will help ease some of the unexpected incidents.  A wedding planner may carry more items (like the bag below) but the items listed are the most commonly used.

If you have other items in your emergency bag we would love to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

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