Something Blue

Every bride wants to make sure they have their “something old, something new and something blue” to wear on their wedding day.  Sometimes the “something blue” can be the hardest thing to decide on.  Brides in 2012 are coming up with some fun and unique ways to incorporate their something blue. Here are a few of those ideas.

One of my favorite ideas is to wear blue hair accessories. You can decide to make a bold statement by using a blue flower or clip (think Carrie in Sex in the City the movie with the blue feather in her hair) or a more simple statement by using a hair barrette.

Many brides in 2012 will be using their shoes as their “something blue”. You can choose to wear all blue shoes, blue soles or even choose to put a blue ” I Do” sticker on the bottom of your shoes.

A great idea is to have all of your bridal party write their well wishes on the bottom of your shoes in blue.  Such a great keepsake!

Jewelry is always a great way to wear blue on your wedding day!

If you want something bold and different, you can even have blue crinoline put under your dress or wear blue eyeshadow!

Check out these beautiful blue clutches to carry on your wedding day!

You can never go wrong with a classic blue stitched handkerchief or blue brooch.  These small items are perfect to tie around or attach to your bridal bouquet.

 If you want your “something blue” to be subtle you can have a blue monogram of your new initials and wedding date sewn in to the dress!

Lastly, you can always wear blue lingerie or garter belt!

I hope these ideas have helped you decide on your “something blue”! If you have a new way to incorporate blue in to your wedding we would love to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

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