Bridesmaids Trends 2013: Gray is New Black

According to fashion experts and, gray is the new black in bridesmaids dresses for 2013!  Every bride hopes to choose a dress that their bridesmaids can wear again and the best dresses to wear again are neutral colored dresses. The LBD or little black dress was the perfect option and allowed bridesmaids to actually wear their dress again.  Now the new neutral dress isn’t black, it is gray.  Worn with different accessories a gray dress is a great staple in any girls wardrobe.

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Gray is the perfect neutral for any color palette.  Pair gray a gray bridesmaid dress with colorful accessories or flowers to  totally change the look of the wedding.

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Or choose ivory flowers to keep a more classic and neutral color palette.  Either way you can ‘t go wrong.

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Since gray is a neutral color like black, I like the idea of letting each bridesmaid choose the silhouette they feel most comfortable in.  Plus it makes the wedding more modern and gives dimension in pictures.

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Do you agree that gray dresses are the new black dresses for bridesmaids?  Would you choose gray for your girls?

Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

Wedding Trend 2013: Ombre Bridesmaids

One of my favorite trends that emerged last year and continuing in to this year is ombre bridesmaid dresses.

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If you still don’t know what ombre is, it is shades of the same color from lightest to darkest.  Bridesmaids are now choosing the same color bridesmaid dress but in different shades to best compliment their skin tone.  It is so difficult to find a color that looks good on every girl in your wedding so why not let them choose the shade that looks best on them?!

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You can even ask your bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses in a certain color just making sure they all choose different shades.  How great would it be to not have the stress of choosing a dress that makes everyone happy?

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We know this trend may not fit every wedding but can be a beautiful and unique option for a bride that wants something a little different for her bridesmaids!

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Although, we love this trend we would love to hear what you think about it.

Let us know!

Back Again: One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses!

One shoulder bridesmaids dresses are definitely not a new trend and they are back again for the 2013 wedding season.  These dresses flatter most necklines including girls of all sizes.  Designers are making one shoulder dresses in different styles and in different materials for more or less formal weddings.

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A soft and romantic bridesmaid look is the grecian style bridesmaids dresses. Some of these have sheer overlays that go over one shoulder.

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Recently, I blogged about the hot new color for 2013 is Poppy Red and combining these two trends is a home run!

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This modern version has a high neck and a sleeve on one side.  Perfect for a more formal affair and/or church ceremony.

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Let us know what you think about these one shoulder dresses…should they stick around or go away for good?

Happy Planning!