Five Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Some brides are choosing to forgo the traditional flower bouquet for bouquets made out of original materials.  There are many reasons to choose an alternative wedding bouquet.  Not only are these alternative bouquets eco friendly but they are also economical!  For all my crafty brides who are on a budget these bouquets can save you hundreds of dollars.  Choosing an alternative bouquet is also very unique which is why this trend is probably not for the traditional bride.   Below are my top five favorite alternative bouquets.

Photo provided by Pocketful of Dreams

You have probably seen a brooch bouquet before and although these bouquets are a beautiful alternative to a traditional bouquet they can be a little pricey.  A more economical version is buttons!  Layering buttons on top of each other gives a very similar look.

Photo provided by The Wedding Hunter

Another great alternative bouquet is using beads, crystals and pearls from a craft shop bundled together. How chic and beautiful are these bouquets?  To me, these are the perfect bouquets for a Winter wedding!

Photo provided by Preston Bailey
Photo provided by Glamour

Fabric is another great alternative to a traditional bouquet.  Use different fabric colors and textures to give the bouquet more interest.  I really love the crocheted “flower” in the bouquet below!  I wonder what a bouquet of all crocheted flowers would look like?!

Photo provided by Helen Limbrick

Felt is another great way to make “flowers” for a wedding bouquet.  You can create all different types of flowers with felt including sunflowers and roses.  Felt is super inexpensive and comes in all kinds of colors!

Photo provided by WishAMon

Paper is another great way to make flowers and can be made to look extremely realistic to real flowers. If you aren’t a crafty bride don’t worry. Many of these bouquets can be purchased from handmade Etsy shops for pretty inexpensive.

Photo provided by The Wedding World Blogger


Which bouquet is your favorite?  Would you carry an alternative bouquet?

We want to know!