Five Unique Games for Weddings

Games are a great addition to any wedding!  While your guests are waiting for you to take pictures why not give them something fun to do by providing games to play?  There are so many games to choose from and some of the most popular games showing up at weddings this year are corn hole, mini golf, and croquet.   If you are wanting something a little more unique think about some of your favorite games and find a way to let your guests play them.  I wanted to share five unique games great for weddings that you may not have seen before!

1.  Hop Scotch

For an outdoor wedding one of the easiest games to play is hop scotch.  What a fun way to make your guests feel like a kid again?

Photo provided by Wedding Bells

2. Badminton

If you have the space, think about setting up a net for a game of badminton.  I love this game idea since you can play in teams so a group of people can play at once.

Photo provided by Sarah Wilde

3. Bocce Ball

This game is becoming one of the go-to games for weddings.  It’s an easy game to set up as well as play making it a great game for a wedding.  Plus it’s also a unique game that many people may have never played before.

Photo provided by The Plunge Project

4. Jenga

Have you seen this enormous Jenga game great for an outdoor wedding? Since it is so large it makes it more fun to watch people play and even more fun when it finally falls!

Photo provided by Juxtapost

5. Flip Cup Competitions

Of course I know this game is not for every wedding but it would definitely get guests involved! For a more casual wedding, this would be an interactive game that would definitely lead to a fun party!

Photo provided by Wedding Party App

What do you think of some of these unique games for your wedding? Let us know!

Happy Planning!