Unique Table Numbers

 I am always on the hunt for ways to make weddings unique and personal!  In my opinion, it is the little things that will make your wedding stand apart from the others.  Right now table numbers may be the least of your worries and may seem insignificant, but I promise you those little details add up to make the overall impression on your guests.

Here are some of my favorite table number ideas!

Some of the best table numbers are the ones that use pictures!  Some brides are using pictures of themselves at different ages of their lives and the age they are in the picture coincides with the table number.  For example, the bride and groom are both two years old in the pictures below and the guests will sit at table #2…ah-dorable!


Another way to use pictures for the table numbers is it to take pictures of you and your fiance holding signs with places you have visited and use the name of the places as the assigned table.

If you happen to have pictures of the two of you from those places you both visited you can attach that picture to the table name.

If you don’t want to use pictures of the two of you for table numbers you can always use a picture of something meaningful to you. You can use pictures of your favorite artists or postcards from places you have or hope to visit.

If you want more traditional table numbers you can use nontraditional ways of displaying the number.  Chalkboards are perfect and great for a rustic wedding (or all of my brides that are teachers)!  You can even use moss, burlap or wood to create an interesting table number.

No matter what you decide to do, it will add to the overall look and feeling of the guest tables.  You spent so much time designing the table, don’t forget about the table numbers!

Happy Planning!

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