Wedding Flowers: Orchids

Are you overwhelmed trying to decide on your wedding flowers?  You are not alone!  Many brides feel this way when they begin choosing flowers for their wedding. There are hundreds of types, styles and colors to choose from so it is no wonder brides feel a bit overwhelmed.   No need to worry…over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to some of the most beautiful and widely used wedding flowers so you can decide which flowers are right for you!

One of my favorite flowers are orchids!  Not only do they have a contemporary, modern elegance in look and feel but are also very durable flowers able to withstand hot weather.  This makes it a perfect choice for outside weddings.

In the past, orchids were rarely used at weddings due to their high cost but are now more popular and less rare, which has resulted in lower prices.  There are five types of orchids that can are most commonly used in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Dendrobium Orchids:

Dendrobium orchids are the smallest bloom size but are also the most versatile.  They come in a long stem and can be used in bouquets as a single bloom or great on a stem in a vase to make a dramatic flower arrangement.

Cymbidium Orchids:

Cymbidium orchids are very popular for weddings lasting extremely well out of water and coming in a variety of colors; from white, pale pink, yellow, green to deep burgundy and brown.

Phalaenopsis Orchids:

This is probably the most expensive orchid but also the largest and most elegant of the orchid family.  These are seen mostly in bridal bouquets and look elegant bunched together with little to no other complimentary flowers.  This type of orchid is normally found in white but can be found in pink and purple.

Mokara Orchids:

This orchid has a starfish-shaped bloom, available year round  and come in a variety of colors. This orchid is perfect for a bouquet or in an arrangement.

Vanda Orchids:

Vanda orchids come in a wide variety of vibrant colors and even come in a very rare blue color. Unusual for most other orchids, they do have a strong fragrance.

If you ask me, my favorite bouquets mix all different types of orchids!

We hope this has helped you find the right orchid for you!

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Trend: Feather Bouquets!

For the bride who is looking for something unique and different to add to her wedding decor, adding feathers to her bouquets and floral arrangements may be the answer.  Brides everywhere are using feathers to add texture and dimension creating stunning bridal bouquets.  There are many different types of feather that can be used depending on the overall look and feel of the wedding.

Ostrich feathers are becoming very popular in bouquets and come in a variety of colors.  White is most commonly used and is the perfect touch to an Old Hollywood themed wedding.

Peacock feathers are beautiful with their rich color and are perfect by themselves or paired with flowers.

This bride decided to bleach the peacock feathers for her bouquet!

Another feather that is new to the bridal world is pheasant feathers….what do you think?

Some brides are even choosing to create bouquets by only using feathers and very little to no flowers at all!

My advice when using feathers is to use them sparingly.  If you have feathers in your hair, on your dress, in your bouquet, etc.  you may end up looking like a bird not a bride.  Used correctly and with a keen eye, feathers are a great addition to your wedding attire and floral decor.

Happy Planning!

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