Don't Stress!

Something all brides will figure out: Weddings take a lot of work.

It’s so easy to get overly stressed with your planning. So step back and take a breather from the process!

  • Block a night out free of wedding jibber jabber

    For a full day, remember (and re-enact) what life was like, pre-engagement. When there was no wedding planning to speak of! Don’t mention seating arrangements, centerpieces, bridesmaids gifts, etc. Just relax, have a “date night”, drink some wine, and Breathe…

  • Have a Girls Night !

It’s easy to get caught up in the whole process of “being together”. And talking about your wedding is just something that you will naturally fixate on.

Spare your bridesmaids for one night and don’t even mention the word “wedding”, or anything to do with it! So go…Paint the town red.

  • Go on a fancy date

For one night, put the almighty budget aside and go out for a nice meal. Hey you don’t make money for the sake of one night, use it for something you both enjoy! Make reservations at the best Thai (or steak for the carnivorous fiance). Go ahead and buy a few yummy cocktails while you are it. You have been working hard, you deserve it!

  • Get on the open road

Remember when you were dating and realized the moment when you didn’t have to fill time with talk in car, how nice it was? Take a day trip somewhere and rehash old memories of “the early days”. And if you happen to see a cute little Mom and Pop “Best BBQ in town” sign..pull over and make more memories:)

  • Make it a movie night

Watching movies have been people’s idea of a great date for generations. So make it a night in and delve into movies that both of you can enjoy. Also, don’t worry about fitting into that wedding dress and veg out with your man. Rent movies like Twilight (just kidding, yeah he’d looove that) or Garden State or even a thriller like Orphan. Oh, and make sure to pick up some Sour Patch Kids and Butterfinger BB’s along with some popcorn!

  • Have a good old-fashioned Board Game night

Whether you are and your fiance are competitive, it is fun to challege each other once in a while, isn’t it? Games like Scrabble, Twister, or even 4+ games like Apples to Apples or Cranium are fun if you want to make it a group game. If you want to get out of the house, head for the bowling alley or try the skating rink if you really want to shake things up (and make sure your wear your cute argyle socks



  • Feel like a kid again

Going to an amusement park or even the local theme park is great when you want to feel like the energetic youngster you once were. Eat more than your fill of funnel cakes, corndogs, nachos, and cotton candy. Of course, you need to head to the photo booth or go try your luck and win a huge bear to remember the night.

  • Play “Iron Chef” for the night

If one or both of ya’ll enjoy cooking, have a night where you make a gourmet dinner. Head to the closest market where fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat are abundant and

make sure to bring your recipe to find all of the out-of-the-ordinary ingredients you will be using. Try this delicious recipe by Bobby Flay Or something made of fried-yummy-goodness like Paula Deen’s Fried Mac and Cheese Balls


Times have changed.. so has etiquette!

The receiving line is no longer necessary… People (young and old) are now turning to a more casual way of greeting your guests at the wedding.

  • Toasts are also a great way to salute everyone in one fell swoop — especially a good idea if you’ve invited so many people that you won’t have much time to speak with all of them.
  • Also writing a poem on a scroll or note thanking the everyone for sharing your day makes your feelings seen and remembered. You could leave this memento with your favors!
  • Some newlyweds are perfectly happy to go from table to table during the meal.
  • Mingling has its appeal and allows you to be spontaneous. Working the crowd is best pulled off during the cocktail hour when guests are having hors d’oeuvres and chatting with family and friends.

Hello world!





As wedding season quickly approaches, Glendalough Manor is here to help each and every one of our brides make their day even more MEMORABLE for them, their attendants, and for their guests!

Keep up with us to find out upcoming trends (so you can “beat” your old friends weddings, haha), money saving tips, and overall ideas for your big day<3


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