I Am Not the Only Bride at My Venue?

Are you upset there may be another event on your wedding day?

If you answered yes, you must first consider the type of venue you are wanting to have your ceremony/reception at.  Are you visiting a private facility, a golf club, museum or botanical garden?  This may mean asking a few more questions than what is listed above to understand what other things may be going on during your ceremony/reception.  For many venues having your wedding as the only event that day is not a possibility.

For example, if it is a space open to the public like a museum or botanical garden make sure to ask about their hours and how your event will be affected.   If you are getting married on a Saturday in the middle of the day you will typically have customers walking around during your ceremony.  Ask yourself if that would bother you?  If you are looking at a golf club venue then you should expect to see golfers around while your ceremony is in progress. Keep in mind that many golf courses do not close until it is dark outside.

Make sure to ask how the process works when having more than one event.   If you are a bride that wants to make sure there is no other bride or event on your wedding day then make that known to the venue you are going to see.  Sometimes to ensure you are the only event you must rent the entire facility.  Some venues have more than one event but have a very good process of making sure that each event is not affected by the other.   At Glendalough Manor, they accomplish this by having a facility coordinator there who does their best to ensure that each event is not affected by the other except for shared spaces like the bathrooms and the bar.


Most facilities can walk you through the timeline of events and discuss any concerns you may have.   Decide if this is important to you and in the end if you are totally against another event being there or if seeing another bride will ruin your wedding day then I would keep looking until you are comfortable!

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You just got engaged…now what?

Congratulations on your engagement!

 If you are recently engaged you may still be up in the clouds about your engagement!
After he proposes there is so much to do….you have to call all of your friends and scream that you just got engaged, post it on Facebook so everyone knows, bask in the attention of friends and family congratulating you, show off your beautiful ring, and then……start planning the wedding of your dreams.  Once reality hits that you now have to plan a wedding many brides are left with the question….now what?

Well, I am here to help!
In my experience the first thing that any bride should do is decide on a budget.  Over the next few weeks I will give you insight on how to start a budget and give clear examples of what should be done and some things to expect.

Look for my next post on “Who Pays For What?”…

Happy Planning!

The “Crafty” Bride

Whether your budget is $10,000 or $50,000 every bride is looking at ways they can stay within budget… no matter how big or small that budget may be. One of the Glendalough Manor brides getting married in October found a great website she shared with me where you can find elegant decorations for any event at reasonable prices.   You can buy glass vases, crystal curtains or trees, aisle runners, preserved flowers and much more!!


The best thing about this website is that if you are trying to cut costs you can create your own centerpieces or favors to cut labor costs associated with vendors.  Try this link and let us know what you think!